Ben Folds - Rock This London Bitch
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Ben Folds Compilation
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Ben Folds - Hammersmith Jan 07 - Kate
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Ben Folds - Hammersmith Jan 07
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Ben Folds concert
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So, I went to see Ben Folds. In short, he was great.

Longer version:
Support was from Eef Barzelay of Clem Snide. Lovely guy, I've seen him supporting Ben before. He played mostly the same stuff as the last time, including the excellent I Wasn't Really Drunk and Jews For Jesus Blues. Also The Ballad of David Icke, which was fabulous. And he through in a couple of reworked covers - Carpenters Close to You and Christina Aguilera You're Beautiful. He was really good and his style fits really well with Ben's so he works really well as a warm up act.

Anyway, on to the man himself. Ably supported by Jared Reynolds on bass and Sam Smith on drums (a late replacement for Lindsay Jamieson, who ruptured a disc in his neck - ouch!)

The show got off to a bit of a slow start, mainly due to the levels being a bit messed up - too much drums and bass and not enough piano and vocals - and maybe Ben being too keen to add in some messing with his new synths and improvisation before he'd really got the crowd going. Anyway, Ben, brilliant showman that he is, soon lifted the show to another level and we never looked back. Highlights included Bastard (lots of spontaneous audience hand-clapping in time, which is always good), Losing Lisa, a cracking solo version of Gracie, the wonderfully cacophonous Narcolepsy, audience singing the trumpet and saxophone parts for Army, a cover of The Postal Service Such Great Heights, Zak and Sara, and Ben playing Underground (I can die happy now I've heard him play that live). Although, I probably could have picked all of the songs as highlights, it was that good.

Famous attendees spotted (not by me) included Jamie Cullum and Richard Herring (formerly of British comedy duo Lee and Herring).

I can't quite decide if I preferred this gig or the last time I saw him at the Brixton Academy (I missed singing the harmonies for Not The Same last night, but then he played Underground, so I'm kind of torn). Either way, Ben is my God.
By: Martin (posted 12-03-2007)
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