Runaway vs Normal Guy? Ben Gives Up All the Answers

25/August/2008 - 20:23

Now normally we don't headline personal life information. Homepage is normally kept to album (which are sometimes real, sometimes not) information.

But in the last few days an article on AdeliadeNow sparked some interesting, and confused, thoughts about Folds' recent separation and divorce. The article was supposed to be about Frally's music, and potential album (get a preview at her myspace). Perthgirl, one of our local Aussies was quick to point out the fact that this news source was a rather noncredible source.  Like the overanalysts we can be, we thought maybe a little too hard, and realized how some of the facts didn't line up. It was also noted that family-news-source, HearldSun article ran an article about Ben with almost conflicting information within the same timeframe. However, to keep any other sort of misinformation away, the source himself came around today and made sure we were all set right. Thanks, Ben.

If that wasn't enough, the post included a promise that he'll be back; "i'll post again next week about album and tour related stuff.  boy i got some shit to tell you." Now, you know, we'll be waiting on pins and needles. I hope next time I update this thing it's about real music news.

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