'Landed' CD single roundup, Ben Folds gets cold-called, and the latest from Benvivor.

16/February/2005 - 16:20

A few little tidbits for you today, mostly about the 'Landed' single.

Although there seems to be no sign of iTunes stocking "Landed" outside of the US, it was announced last week that a CD would hit Australian stores this April.

This CD announcement finally puts weight behind the rumour that Ben (& band)'s live cover of Dr. Dre's "Bitches Ain't Sh*t" will make it onto a B-side. Ben also mentioned at a concert last week that they had finished filming a video for the single. The cynic in me thinks that it'll be another "Don't Change Your Plans"/"Still fighting It" emotional montage type deal, seeing as the song itself already has a pretty strong narrative, but we shall have to see. Expect it here as soon as it's out.

Just an amusing side note: Someone over at Stereogum posted a note that reportedly arrived with the Landed promotional CD sent to college radio stations. It reads:

"to the good people of college radio:

i've always been very grateful that despite the fact that i flunked out of college, i still have an occasional home on your radio station. i hope that my music sits nicely on on your playlist between tracks by 'santa's cock' and 'f*cking death grip'. let my epic records promoter know you've been playing our new record and he'll make sure you get a bag of coke and tickets for the cat steven's concert. thanks a bunch for everything and don't forget to floss. you don't wanna come out of college stuck with a big dental bill in a few years.

ben folds"

That's our Ben. ;)

I've also got a quick download for you all. Herbs Donuts was a little disappointed with the radio interview Ben had on Triple J, so he took it upon himself to do a little editing. Listen what happens when Ben Folds gets Telemarketed.

And finally, justice was served in Benvivor today when Speedy the Chea... I mean, Drummer was kicked out by fellow players for his shameless answer-fishing. The new round went up today, and there are still 15 people vying to be #1 Ben know-it-all.

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