Foldsby Record, Touring, and Joe D's Merch

2/March/2010 - 22:08

First off; Foldsby record is apparently being mixed. Ben was originally talking a March/April release - but that seems unlikely. However, definitely expecting to have the record before the year is out. Can you imagine three years with three releases of some nature? 2008 gave us Way to Normal. 2009 gave us Stems and Seeds as well as University A Cappella... and 2010 should have the Foldsby record.

Secondly; Tour is about to kick off. Waiting on Andy to add the dates to the tour page (I don't have the ability to do that). But check through this thread to find all the dates. Three shows just added to Texas in the last 48 hours. Speaking of three shows..... In April, Chicago has three back to back dates. As a board we're trying to set up a meetup. REMEMBER, if you're going to a show this tour, please keep track of the set list for our archives! ALSO, If you were unaware, the tour is Ben Folds and a Piano Redux. Well, Redux added by me. Original tour of this name was when the Live record came out.

Thirdly; Joe De Lorenzo (was on the road with Ben - with and without the five - for years) has decided to part ways with some of the most obscure memorobilia you may ever lay eyes on. Gig specific shirts, one night engagement tour posters... and apparently much more to come. Check out the sale of it all right here. Merch is official, site is not. Thanks to Makiko, Brooke and Stef for getting all of this to our attention!

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