Download the first bootleg of the new tour

7/October/2008 - 12:12

Thanks to a couple of Board members, we've now got the first bootleg of the new tour up for you to download in lovely FLAC and high-bitrate MP3 format. It features all the songs from the album plus live performances of the 'fake leak' songs.
I even threw together some cover art for it thanks to Nate McManus who kindly let me use his photo from the day.

I was very careful to use proper CD mastering tools to split it into individual songs and get it uploaded before I take a short break to London, but somehow managed to miss the splits between Brainwashed/Errant Dog and Dr. Yang/Lovesick Diagnostician. Sorry about that. If you want it retracking then post to the thread and I'll sort it on my return. If not, I'll just post some amended cover art.

Thanks to everyone who helped. Now go get it!

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