Ben on support duty in the UK in November?

12/July/2008 - 14:03

Missed out on Ben this time around? Fear not, 'cause he's back in November...

...or is he? Melissa found some dates on Ben's MySpace which she dutifully reported, but they have since disappeared. However, having caught Sam and Jared after the Sheffield show they said that that yes, they are back in November, and yes, it is as an opening act for some larger, arena dates.

But for whom? The guys wouldn't tell me, though a source tells me that Ben mentioned Counting Crows. Counting Crows filling an arena? Sounds doubtful. BFF did open for them back in 1997, but I can't see this being repeated in stadiums across the UK 11 years later.

Out of the dates that remain on Ben's MySpace, only one of these support dates seems to remain - at the SECC in Glasgow on the 28th November.

I'll save you some Googling and tell you that the only thing going on at the SECC on that date is The Mighty Boosh (Damn, Euan, that was a good guess you made at Sheffield!), which is all sold out. I gave the friendly guy on the box office a ring and he confirmed the Boosh were playing in the Arena that day, but there was nothing scheduled for 'Hall 4' (where Ben's MySpace claims he'll be).

Cross-referencing the now disappeared dates with the Boosh tour is hardly a conclusive match, so who knows? If you fancy playing detective then be sure to pop back and let us know how it goes!

Dates on Ben's site (check Melissa's post for those now disappeared):

2008-11-26 - Vicar Street, Dublin, Ireland
2008-11-27 - Vicar Street, Dublin, Ireland
2008-11-28 - SECC Hall 4, Glasgow, Scotland
2008-11-30 - Shepherds Bush Empire, London


It wasn't Euan that called it, it was Deano.

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