Ben goes solo in Birmingham as Lindsay is ill

12/December/2005 - 21:35

I've just got some news from the Birmingham NIA show (still in progress)... What was originally going to be a full Ben/Jared/Lindsay show is now just a Ben solo show as Lindsay is ill with food poisoning.

I doubt something like that will clear up in a week, so if you've got tickets to any of the England shows, expect solo Ben.

Incidentally, the setlist so far is:
Best Imitation of Myself
Zak and Sara
One Down
Always Someone Cooler Than You
Still Fighting It
You To Thank
(messing about on bass while piano is being fixed)
Short Bus Benny
Pirate Joke (non musical)
(juggled water bottles)

Full setlist later! Thanks very much to Michael Webb (screwedhippy) for all the info!

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