Ben apologises for Ross performance

2/June/2005 - 22:56

Ben at the Hammersmith ApolloWell, I'm back from London, and there's a whole mass of stuff to update, but before that, I've got to get some sleep (not that James H's sofabed was uncomfortable - quite the opposite, in fact - thanks James!).

So instead of trying to cram 2 days' awesome experience into a tired footnote to five hours' travelling, I thought I'd save that for tomorrow and simply let you know about Ben's apology for his sub-par 'Jonathan Ross' performance that we all so publicly slammed.

Ben and the guys flew over especially for that show (before flying back home for a few days before the tour) and Ben felt that (in his own words) he 'sucked'. He apologised, and added that he gets very nervous in front of the cameras. That certainly explains the massive difference between his recent dodgy TV appearances and his utterly rocking London shows. More on those tomorrow, but for now thanks to 'Mister_Ed' for the above photo (more on the boards).

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