Ben Folds supporting Counting Crows for November UK tour dates?

14/July/2008 - 11:51

Well, maybe I was mistaken to suggest that Counting Crows couldn't fill stadiums and therefore might not be the head honchos of the upcoming November tour dates.

Judging by the reports coming in this morning, last night in Bristol Ben mentioned on stage that they'd be back in November with Counting Crows. A little bit of digging reveals that CC were playing arenas over here (including S.E.C.C. in Glasgow) back in 2003.

Sound a lot more likely than that whole Boosh thing (thankfully!), but the question still remains: to go or not to go? I must admit that Counting Crows - like many bands - fell off my radar when they reached for the 'Best Of' compilation, so the last thing I heard was 'Hard Candy'. They any good these days, or is Adam still warbling on about his bedroom conquests?

Thanks to Ben, Dan and Damian for the report!

Oh yeah, and something I forgot to mention. Just a little thing really. Ben also said that they would be back on these shores in March 2009. Might help you make up your mind about seeing them with Counting Crows.

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