So There

Original Artist: Ben Folds & yMusic

A mattress and a stereo
Just like I started
And a note composed with thumbs and phone
On unpacked boxes

It's so well written
But I won't be sending it
And I will not forget you
It is nothing to forget, oh

So there

Through shiny streets and dirty snow
Blue skies and deadness [dimness?]
Oh, Brooklyn, it's my second sleep
I damn well did this

The world got big again
You couldn't get rid of it
And I cannot forget you
There is nothing to forget, oh

So there

You taught me nothing
I owe you nothing
How could I forget you
When there's nothing to forget, oh

So there


44 known live performances.
First performed: 2015-04-25 - The Sinclair, Cambridge, MA, US.
Most recently performed: 2017-11-07 - Jackson Prep Fortenberry Theatre, Jackson, MS, US.