theSuburbs talks to Jared Reynolds

2005-10-23 - Hailing for our very own shores, Lindsay Jamieson is Ben's first non-American bandmate. But exactly how do you go from humble beginnings to playing with Mr. Folds? Read on to find out...

Born in Hampshire, now an international megastar - talk us through that.

Born in my Mum's bed in Church Crookham, near Fleet, Hants. Lived there until I left home for Lancaster University (apart from 3 years in Virginia where I learnt to love American life). Studied Marketing and French, lived in France for a year. Got a proper job for 5 minutes but left to follow my real dreams which involved music. In a band with my brother for 17 years. Had a radio hit with our first single (Jim Jiminee - Do it on Thursday) but the label was so small it didn't know how to cope. And we had a stupid name. Subsequent bands included Deep Season (hippy mods), Supermodel (self-destructive scuzz rock with a minor indie hit called Penis Size and Cars), Departure Lounge (mellow organic), Astronaut Pushers which I formed last summer because I was missing being in a band, and then Ben asked me to join him which blew me away of course and felt like a dream come true.

You're currently touring the US with three more UK dates later this year -
how's life on the road?

Great fun. We all get along very well and someone observed in NYC, the other day at the end of the tour, that we were still eating breakfast together so that was a good sign. We take lots of photos, drink Soy Chais from Starbucks, talk and analyse life a lot (when Jared lets us) and don't bother doing many soundchecks (we have a great crew) so its pretty cushy really. Hard to be away from my family though.

Had you heard of Ben's stuff before you met him?

Yes, I bought Underground when it came out and I was living in Guildford. I thought he was a cheeky American man.

What's your favourite old (non-SFS) Ben song to play? Any you find particularly difficult to play?

Just started playing Narcolepsy which is a trip every time. Most of them are hard to play but rewarding. For some reason, Annie Waits is hard for me, even though the part is actually straight forward. Don't know why. Cooler Than You is hard too.

Looking through the liner notes to one of your old bands, 'Departure Lounge', you seem to play a lot of instruments - what would you say was your main instrument? What did you start with?

Its always been drums because my brother was a great pianist (still is, actually) so there was no point learning that. I started at 11 and used to accompany him every day and that's why it feels so natural to play with Ben, because I've always followed a piano.
Then I eventually learnt piano which I'm happy about, because its a great instrument on which to write music. And flute for some reason.

Who is the biggest nerd out of the three of you?

Ben by far.

We've seen you on your Apple notebooks in the studio - where do you while
away your time online?

That was around election time so we were keeping up with news a lot. Reuters, BBC, Guardian etc. Once Bush won, I stopped reading the news because that was the only way I could cope so then it was Teletubbies, Cartoon Network and Muppet Babies.

You've been in the US for a while - do you still find yourself 'translating'
for the band, or needing things 'translated'?

I've been pretty stubborn about staying who I am and not adapting too much. I still have to translate now and again but they usually get the drift. I still use phrases like 'charvered' (Bristolian for knackered) even though I know on one will understand. All of my children say pavement for sidewalk, at least until they get beaten up in school.

Your other project, Astronaut Pushers, seems to be approaching lift-off (ho
ho). How are things progressing?

EP out via We haven't had time to do any more yet because everyone has other projects too - Sam Ashworth has a solo album just out, John Davis (ex-Superdrag) has a brilliant one too and Matt Slocum (ex-Sixpence None the Richer) plays with both of them.

Anything else in the pipeline going on we should know about?

I have lots of ideas, dreams and plans, one of which is to do a solo thing. I've also just started producing. And I'm half way through a self-deprecating motivational guide...

It's no secret that Ben's a great drummer. Do you bring your own stuff into
the mix, or do you try and keep in-line with the Folds style?

There is no way I can emulate his style. He's too bloody good and he has a certain touch that I cannot replicate. Sentimental Guy is incredibly challenging to me. 
Anyhow, I feel pretty comfortable with the fact that he doesn't want me to be anyone apart from myself and will even complain if I am not sounding like myself. That feels like a good place to be.

With your experience on the keys - ever thought of doing an on-stage swap
for a song or two?

The idea has not come up yet. I'd probably freeze and start crying.

Any surprises lined up for December?


You can catch up with Lindsay's new band, Astronaut Pushers, on myspace, and on their soon-to-be-launched official site