BF@ Lawrence U 4/8

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BF@ Lawrence U 4/8
« on: April 09, 2003, 07:14:52 PM »
hey all, i'm a lawrence student who just had the privelege of seeing Ben's show last night at our school's chapel.
first off, it was simply amazing. here are some highlights, i'm curious as to how often this sort of thing happens:

- ben going into a long rant about his music schooling (Lawrence has a conservatory) culiminating in him playing songs from his first recital ever, shit like that. hilarious.

- ben taking at least 20 minutes to basically practice songs that will be on his new album - he said something like "you guys want to hear some shit i haven't finished yet?" and then launched into 5 beginnings of songs from his new record, most with "doo dee doo" lyrics....
- crowd participation on 6 songs i think, including army, not the same, the ascent of stan, and some others...

- at the end of a song( can't remember which) a crew member brought out a tom drum and some sticks..ben walked around the stage banging on it as the crew set up a drum set on the stage, which ben proceeded to rock out on church-lady style. it was rediculous. top it all of, a tiny dancer/ song for the dumped (minor) closer.
i think he spent 1:45 total onstage...
hot damn, it was amazing.