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Slate Review
« on: November 06, 2001, 05:12:38 PM »
This quick review was in Slate's culture newsletter recently:
Rockin' the Suburbs, by Ben Folds (Epic). Positive reviews for the solo debut of Ben Folds, "pop's most introspective wiseass" (Greg Kot, Rolling Stone). Critics love the album's combination of wistful lyrics and upbeat melodies, "a strangely festive mix of melancholy and bliss" (Steve Appleford, the Los Angeles Times). "[Folds'] quietly devastating portraits of teen ennui and middle-age anomie work bittersweet magic like arsenic candy canes," says Entertainment Weekly's Marc Weingarten, perhaps overreaching a bit. The satirical nü-metal title track "nails every trope" (Jesse Barrett, Spin), but Rolling Stone's Kot wonders if "Folds may someday yet be able to get through an entire album without smirking."