Spokane, WA October 29,2016

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Spokane, WA October 29,2016
« on: October 30, 2016, 08:05:13 PM »
Ben Folds and a piano…Ask Me Anything VIP experience at the Knitting Factory in Spokane Washington October 29,2016.

Wife and I agree it was worth the money.

Brief summary follows…apologies for the grammar & syntax errors in advance…& I’m heavily paraphrasing.

Waited for a spell at around 5pm in the Kitting Factory with a very pleasant bouncer named Ed who would have shown us his camera video of him (Ed) enjoying himself at the Duran Duran concert a few months ago but we ran out of time…
Got registered & got those photos,pen, and journal thingies…(no dentum flossum maximus references anywhere this time) Ben came out on stage and sat with a high school music teacher from the Spokane public school district 81 who acted as a moderator and asked a number of questions (mostly concerning goals and making attempts at them …etc…) examples such as “instead of writing 1 good song in a week perhaps write 7 sh*tty songs in a day instead”

I asked him how he felt about the two websites (more utilized in the past than present) that folks have often used to learn more about him…. www.thesuburbs.org.uk (The Burbs) and (at one time) BenFolds.org (the ORG). In particular the Org which in my opinion seemed to be website that was more of an Andy Kaufman like joke that I don’t understand (& perhaps many others don’t either). Ben noted his problems with “the Org” in the past were when he was going through some difficult litigation and lawyers (likely from the other parties in the case) were taking stuff off the org site and arguing it in the court as official “Ben Folds information”.   This meant that Ben’s legal folks had to dispute/correct a significant amount of the oddball stuff coming from “the Org” and this resulted in unnecessary and considerable amounts of legal fees…hence Ben noted if they just changed the name of the site to “BenFoldsSucks.org” it would have avoided this expensive misunderstanding….Ben noted it wasn’t only the money…The misunderstanding from having a site look somewhat official as back then the internet search engines typically put “the Org” site at the top of the list and friend of family would at times get this misinformation off “the Org” and would be confused by it…which took additional time for Ben to go and straighten out. It seems now that the search engines are better tuned these problems do not occur with the intensity that they did years ago….(which I now vaguely recall  Ben posting a letter on the Burbs site…perhaps back in 2008?...noting this problem…but I guess I didn’t understand the context of the problem from when I read it back then)

ANYHOO…good crowd
At the sound check Ben took requests. Requests I made included “On Being Frank” (which he played about 80% of…forgot most of the chords…& made many mistakes…but that made it even better IMO) and about 20% of “Hiro’s song”.

No opener the 1st part of the show Ben Played
1.   Phone in a pool (and a glass he was sipping scotch from fel” l off the piano & shattered…crew got him a more sturdy sippy cup to drink from shortly after)
2.   Annie waits
3.   All you can eat
4.   Picture window
5.   Bastard
6.   I’m not a fan
7.   Too late
8.   Bitch went nutz “the fake one”
9.   You don’t know me
10.   Evaporated
11.   Landed
12.   Capable of anything

2nd set (the paper airplane requests)
1.   You to thank
2.   Bitches ain’t Shit (Ed the bouncer seemed to enjoy this Dr Dre cover)
3.   Fred Jones Part 2
4.   The Breakup Song (Ben didn’t know it so just made something goofy up)
5.   Mess
6.   Effington
7.   All Start (Smash Mouth tune…Ben played a verse or two of it & moved on)
8.   Tiny Dancer (Elton John)
9.   Still Fighting It
10.   “Song about Owen’s 1st concert” – (Ben made it up…a Rock this Bitch moment)
11.   Emaline

Encore:  Zac & Sara, Song for the dumped, then Army.
Highlights of the Breakup Song included the change in pronunciation of Spokane to SpoKane that caused the last few verses to resemble  that Eric Clapton tune “Cocaine”
I like toast!


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Re: Spokane, WA October 29,2016
« Reply #1 on: April 25, 2017, 01:56:58 PM »
Setlist has been updated in the archives: http://thesuburbs.org.uk/tour/20161029/Spokane
mel (1:10:14 AM): love ben folds or burn!