Park West - Chicago, IL - 05/16/15

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Park West - Chicago, IL - 05/16/15
« on: May 16, 2015, 07:05:53 PM »
ymusic - beautiful mechanical
so there
long way to go
not a fan
i'm not the man
ymusic - music in circles
yes man
rock this bitch in chicago (a short history of rock this bitch and its origins)
waltz this bitch / boogie woogie this bitch / fiddle this bitch / polka this bitch / hava nagila / croon this bitch (improv medley thing)  
erase me
phone in a pool
capable of anything (ben mentioned that capable of anything is the first track on the album, or the "first thing you'll hear when you put that needle down." someone shouted loudly "put what down?" and ben replied "the needle. or your dick... assuming that fits in the groove.")
steven's last night in town
you don't know me

the luckiest

ymusic returns:
annie waits
not the same

i made recordings of tonight's show and last night's show which will be incoming. possibly delayed since apparently ben had asked early shows not to record video. no mention of that tonight.

Re: Park West - Chicago, IL - 05/16/15
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I'm generally tired of people shouting rock this bitch, but I have to admit that tonight's rock/waltz/boogiewoogie/polka/fiddle/croon this bitchathon was a lot of fun.  Ben was much less chatty tonight than last night, but all the improv moments were great.  Also, I thought the sound mix was better tonight.  I could clearly hear each instrument and could decipher all of the new lyrics.  Speaking of new material, there was a real life "Not a Fan" moment going on right in front of me.  Awkward. 

Preferred last night's Selfless and DCPY to tonight's Landed/Luckiest.  That was a special pairing for sure.  Can't believe they waited until tonight to play Not the Same instead of last night's made-for-choir setting.  Then again, tonight's crowd was much louder with their singing on all the old material.

Really special run of shows. I'll repeat my comment from last night that it's been a long time since I've gone into a Ben show not knowing the new songs already.  It's been fun y'all!  Looking forward to the symphony show next month!