Ben Folds - Ass Crack Bandit (download) from Community S05E03

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As hopefully many of you know, Mr. Ben made a cameo as a botany professor on Community last night, but to my surprise he also had a song on the episode, "Ass Crack Bandit", in reference to the character in the episode terrorizing the students by dropping quarters in their cracks. As confirmed on twitter, the featured voice is unmistakably that of Ruby Amanfu, who many will likely recognize from Jack White's recent solo work.

Until the full song is made available, here is a version I stitched together from a couple of the channels of the 5.1 mix (which helped get rid of some of the in-show sound effects). The rain was mixed in with the music tracks, so there wasn't much I can do about that- but it definitely gives it that ominous feel the episode was going for.

MP3 here. Enjoy!


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Re: Ben Folds - Ass Crack Bandit (download) from Community S05E03
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