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News About Robert!
« on: April 03, 2002, 01:54:43 PM »
Yes, i'm alive...

For those of you who saw Ben Folds Five's last American show at the Cat's Cradle, you might remember Tom Maxwell from the SNZ opened for him AND Robert played bass for him and toured with them.  Well, that show is now on a cd!  Just thought ya'll might wanna know that :)  I'll attach the article below and visit Tom's site at  Have a good one...MISSED YOU ALL!


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april 2002
Dear friends,

Well, I'm back, and in a great big way! Let's get right to it.

On Tuesday, March 26, Digital Club Network released "Tom Maxwell and the Minor Drag Live at the Cat's Cradle." You may go purchase your very own copy at digital club network. This is a recording of us opening for Ben Folds Five at the Cradle, July 24th 2000. Robert Sledge and I supervised the mastering of these recordings. DCN has long made these available for download, but now you can own the cd, with art, credits, and liner notes penned by yours truly. The Remember Quartet makes an appearance, and the set list includes songs you've not heard from the Zippers or myself.

Although we toured with Holly Harding Baddour (the lovely voice on "Samsara"), she wasn't present for this particular show. As a bonus, I have posted nine other live songs on MP3, featuring Holly. This is the only other live recording of The Minor Drag, and like the DCN cd, you'll find it encompasses the best of my work with the Zippers and selections from "Samsara." These performances are from our show in Edgartown (Martha's Vineyard), in June 2000. Simply go to the "Album" section of this site and click on the "listen to MP3" link. Enjoy!

For those of you interested in why I really left the Zippers, and inside information on The Minor Drag and "Samsara," I direct you to This is an excellent pop-culture site. They even printed my loving essay on TJ Hooker, Bill Shatner's 80s cop show! Tell 'em I sent you.

I'd like to give my most sincere and profound thanks to those of you who've stayed interested. I didn't know I was taking a "year off"--isn't that how life works?--but I wouldn't have traded my time with Evelyn (who is now 19 months) for anything. During this time, I've learned how to play the piano (sort of), started making homemade beer, and written an album's worth of new songs, most of which I demoed with Darren Jesse. I won't make the mistake of saying there's a new record coming out, but once I figure my "angle" of how to get music out to y'all cheaply and quickly, you'll hear this stuff.

Feel free to stroll around, and don't miss the new pictures of The Minor Drag in action! I gave photo credits when I had them, but some pics are unaccredited. If you are/know the photographer, please tell me so they can be properly credited!

I hope this new live stuff satisfies, and it's with considerable joy that I offer it to you.