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Title: BAM show in nyc
Post by: Steve975 on October 13, 2002, 01:09:23 AM
just got back from the "next wave of song" show at the brooklyn academy of music. great, great concert! heres ben's setist

1. boxing
2. selfless, cold, and composed
3. philosophy
4. zac and sara
5. dont change your plans
6. narcolepsy
7. one angry dwarf...
8. not the same

-boxing was particularly good tonight, as was scac.
-he nailed the intro to philosophy, as usual (this really is pretty remarkable to hear live) there was some dr. pysering at the end, much like on bfl.
-dont change your plans was a nice suprise while it lasted. someone in the crowd requested it and ben played flawlessly until he started forgeting the chords and cut it short. in typical folds fashion, however, he had no trouble laughing at himself.
-ben really played the hell out of narcolepsy and oad, i've yet to undertand where the guy gets his energy. He must be downing redbulls pre-performance.

-as for the other two acts (marc anthony thompson and stephin merritt)...
    -i was really impressed by marc athony thompson.
     tremendous voice, very funny and charming.
    -stephin merritt puts on an interesting show. he wore
     a clown suit (yes... a clown suit) and played the
     ucalalie(sp?) for his entire show. strange as it
     sounds, it was quite good.

-overall... it was pretty fantastic. i would have liked to see ben a little more (obviously) but he did a fine job with his 45 mins. seeing him live really makes you proud to be a fan.