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Transcription / Re: Lullabye transcription?
« on: August 28, 2005, 07:43:19 AM »
i don't have noteworthy composer, does anyone have the chords?

thanks a lot though.

Transcription / Lullabye transcription?
« on: August 27, 2005, 09:34:58 AM »
anyone have the sheet music, or chords preferably, to lullabye?

Tour Board / Re: Brooklyn Show
« on: August 06, 2005, 08:21:22 AM »
i went to this show. i have a couple of different opinions on how it was.
ben lee and rufus both played solid sets. you could tell ben lee was seriously stoned.
when ben came on, the crowd went crazy, for obvious reasons. i was positioned against the baracade, right in front of the stage. he came on and started playing bastard. my friends and i took bets on what he would play first. i guessed cooler than you, a friend guessed landed, which i thought would've been really cheezy. anyway, so he played bastard first, which was fantastic, but kind of a disappointment. you could tell that for this tour he's pretty much going to play the majority of sfs to premote it, then a couple of oldies, but old hits. philosophy, not the same, etc. i was screaming out "twin falls, jackson cannery, video, best imitation..." one even yelled out rock this bitch. whatever so then i was figuring zak and sara would be next on the list, but he played gone, which i found odd 'cause i was pretty convinced he played zak second at every concert. whatever, gone was great, then he played zak third. at this point my girlfriend started crying because i was singing too loud in her ear. she's still mad at me, and it's like 2 days later. i must've been yelling loudly. anyway, i'm not going to go into the rest of the set, but i found it kind of...bland. i mean, i know he said he was ill and all, but he wasn't that into it. it seemed all so routine. not the same was obviously fun with the harmony and all. he came back for an encore and played underground, the best f*cking part of my evening. it was so good. but no one there knew it, i feel ben folds is getting more and more mainstream. but i could be wrong. he ended up playing about like 6 songs from sfs, 3 from rts, and like nothing from waea, and absolutely nothing from bff or nbp. i was disappointed. i would've killed to hear eddie walker or like, tom and mary. it was a fantastic concert, don't get me wrong, but it was a short set. the bastard video was very cool to be in. this therefore means that bastard is probably the next US single, if they're making a video for it already. it was funny, during the video, he dropped his glasses accidently and muttered "f*ck, my glasses. i can't see shit without my glasses." oh, and i think one of my favorites that he played was bitches ain't shit. weird, huh? i mean, i liked the song before going to the show and all, but he really played it well, and it was hilarious, and the fact that the majority of the crowd sang "and we was ballin' on the motherf*ckin' compton streets." whatever, so my review of the show is...A -. fantastic, 'cause it's ben, but could be better for obvious reasons. the end!

oh, oh, oh, if you went, tell me if you saw me-
light blue weezer shirt.
crazy tall.
crazy skinny.
long crazy brown hair.

that's me.

Album Board / the semantics- powerbill
« on: June 24, 2005, 07:04:03 AM »
for those who don't know, which i'm sure most of you do, ben was in a little band in nashville named the semantics. in '93, they released an album called powerbill. i just wanted to know if anyone has it, has heard it, or if it's available to download anywhere. here's the tracklisting of the album, for those who care-

Sticks and Stones   
Future for You
Coming Up Roses   
Jenny Won't Play Fair
Average American    
Don't Say Goodbye   
Sky Is Falling   
Black and Blue
Johnny Come Lately   
Life Goes On   
Glasses and Braces

anyway, if anyone has any info about how it is or whatever, i'd love to hear it.

**also, the drummer of the band is named zak starkey. that could explain who zak is in zak and sara. i could be completely wrong, but it's uncanny that the names are spelt the same.

News / Re: Ben on Last Call
« on: May 04, 2005, 06:09:40 PM »
i was there. i can pretty much be seen on the video also.
it was pretty okay. i had 'vip seating' which was pretty much retarded, but on the floor nonetheless. he played well. not great, but decent. his vocals were quite off in the beginning though, and they had to cut it short and all.

General Board / Re: Awesome DVD for download
« on: April 24, 2005, 09:06:26 AM »
if you keep refreshing the page, you should be able to get an account to sign up with. that's what i did. it took me three days to download the show and it was well worth the wait. the seeders dropped out on me at 97% so it took me 2 out of the 3 days to download 3%. anyway, it's in a video_ts folder, so i just used winiso to make it an iso, then mounted the iso with daemon toolz. it's a great concert. i then used a dvd audio ripping tool so now i have the show on my ipod. if anyone wants the audio of the show, let me know. the dvd is 2.32gbs and the audio is about 108mbs. if anyone wants my dimeadozen account 'cause they can't make one on their own, pm me and i'll give up my login and password. thanks to whomever first posted about this.

News / Re: Landed Strings Version (Bonus Track)?
« on: April 14, 2005, 03:44:04 PM »
anyone who has it willing to send it to me?

AIM- letterbombing

-willing to trade for any other bf song

Transcription / all the way up to heaven
« on: April 13, 2005, 02:01:30 PM »
for those who haven't heard, ben folds played guster's all the way up to heaven with them during summerfest i believe. he comes in on piano at the beginning and throughout the song. anyone have a transcription of this already, or anyone willing to write one up? if you've never heard it before, listen to it here. thanks.

News / Re: "NEW" BFrarehouse
« on: March 30, 2005, 09:07:24 PM »
When's Disc Two coming? Disc One is f*cking grand.

Transcription / Bastard Lyrics
« on: March 20, 2005, 04:12:13 PM »

The old bastard left his ties and his suit
A brown box, mothballs, and bowling shoes
In his opinion so you don't have to choose
Pretty soon you'll be an old bastard too

You get smaller while the world gets big
The more you know you know you don't know shit
The whiz man'll never feel you like the whiz kid did

So why you gotta act like you know when you don't know?
It's okay if you don't know everything
Why you gotta act like you know when you don't know?
It's okay if you don't know everything

Close your eyes close your ears young man
You've seen and heard all an old man can
Spread the facts on the floor like a fan
Throw away the ones that make you feel bad

Kids today are getting old too fast
I can't wait to grow up so they can kiss some ass
And give nostalgia about the last ten years before the last ten years have passed

So why you gotta act like you know when you don't know?
It's okay if you don't know everything
Why you gotta act like you know when you don't know?
It's okay if you don't know everything

Tears laying on a hand on a chest
The old bastard had a pair of dime arrest
He got smaller and the world got big
The more he knew he knew he didn't know shit
The whiz man never fit him like a whiz kid did

So why you gotta act like you know when you don't know?
It's okay if you don't know everything
Why you gotta act like you know when you don't know?
It's okay if you don't know everything

Transcription / Trusted Lyrics
« on: March 20, 2005, 04:10:49 PM »

It's funny I know
But I'm disappointed in you
I thought you could read my mind

But I came home early
And saw that a drawer been open
Looks like you've been reading my diary instead

How does it feel to realize?
You're all alone behind your eyes

It seems to me if you can't trust
You can't be trusted

Caught in a dream
Picking up astral signals
Some of them psychic, you better watch what you think

How does it be that everybody else's dreams are throwing
Clues that you better watch what you dream

You wanna see the other side
What's going on behind the eyes

Still it seems if you can't trust
You can't be trusted no no
No no no...
No no no...

Didn't you know we're as close as we can be?

The sun's coming up
She's pulling all the blankets over
Curled in a ball
Like she's hiding from me and...
That's when I know...
She's not really pissed when she wakes up...
For terrible things I did to her in her dreams...

You wanna see the other side...
What's going on behind the eyes...

Still it seems if you can't trust...
You can't be trusted. no no.
No no no...
No no no...

Didn't you know we're as close as we can be?

Right? Wrong?

Album Board / SFS Lyrics--
« on: March 20, 2005, 03:22:02 PM »
Eh, first off, I'm Matt, I'm new but not really, considering I visit the forums every other second, I just never have anything to say. Anyway, I too got the SFS leak, because I just couldn't wait, and it's outrageous to say the least. I was just wondering if anyone wrote up lyrics to the songs that aren't up yet. I already wrote out lyrics for b*stard, Jesusland, Trusted, and Sentimental Guy. I'll post them in a bit. Anyone else wanna take a stab at any others?

*Also, what're everyone's favorite lyrics on the album so far?
For me, in Sentimental Guy:
"There's a moment in my mind I scribbled and erased a thousand times
Like a letter never written or said
This conversation's with the dead...I used to be a sentimental guy
Now I'm haunted by the left unsaid
I never felt so much could change"

It's so f*cking grand.

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