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Tour Board / Re: T in the Park
« on: July 15, 2008, 01:35:11 AM »
I froze when I saw Sam and Jared in this Thai restaurant before the liverpool gig. Walking in I just stood still and stared.  I thought it be cooler and talk about the gig two tables away from them and not bother them whilst they eat their dinner.  They looked a bit miffed actually.  The look I probably have when I've been working away from home too long!

Tour Board / Re: Liverpool 9th july anyone?
« on: July 11, 2008, 01:15:40 PM »
I'm not one to normally blow my own trumpet, but it was me who shouted for "One Down" first. Mrs Kitson was knocked out by the number of well-informed people who suddenly, and volubly, agreed.  I think from then on he decided to throw a few gems out.  He apparently hasn't played Liverpool in 12 years, so he may have been making up for lost time.  He seemed to do a similar thing when I saw him in Sheffield last year, because he said he hadn't played there in a good long while.

I thought the sound mix was probably the best I've ever heard the band.  Kudos to whoever was doing the mixing, because the band sounded superb.  I normally see him at the Manchester Apollo and I think because of the size/height of that room they have to go for noise rather than volume.  The venue itself I guessed held maybe 800 people, which did give it a really nice intimate feeling.  There were still way too many tall people standing in front of me though!

I was surprised and pleasantly impressed by the fact that nobody shouted for "Rock This Bitch" or the other obvious ones.  There were two scouse girls behind me who, after realising he wasn't going to play "The Luckiest" in the first three songs started talking throughout.  Grrr - as if he'd play a love song from an album dedicated to his reasonably-recent ex-wife!

Aside from that, whilst we as a crowd seemed muted at the start, it really picked up quite soon.  My only other minor quibble?  Too few people sing the lower part of the horn break in "Army".  Yeah, I know it's less interesting, but, y'know, eating your greens is good for you.

The "Rock This Bitch - Go Team version" was good, particularly the reprise.  I think the lads that shouted "Go Team" did it knowing that if you shout something wilfully obscure, Ben's going to find it an irresistable challenge to make a song about it.  Should we test this theory.  How about someone shouting "Mexican Fish Wrestling" or something similar at the next gig?

He said he'd had to play a shit piano the night before, but at the end of the gig he said we'd "really cheered him up".  Glad to be of service Mr Ben.
Reasonably recent ex-wife!  I did not know this.  Since reading this i,ve just been on Wiki and its been updated.  I never knew he had divorced Frally.  She was a hot piece!  He did say during the gig,"We're all from Nashville".  I was like," no, you live in Aus"!  Weird bit for you...named my son daughter.....Fleur.  The name of his new wife.  Que twylight zone music!  Maybe this shouldn't be discussed here on the tour board...but had to say something!

Tour Board / Re: Liverpool 9th july anyone?
« on: July 11, 2008, 12:51:59 PM »
Let's give this a go. Copying from last night as it was pretty similar - I can't remember all the order though, so it could be wrong.

Errant Dog (Didn't realise I liked this until I heard it live)
You To Thank
All U Can Eat (Groan)
Free Coffee (aka Ben and Sam play while Jared looks bored) (Video)
Annie Waits (Video)
Hiroshima (And he didn't say anything about the new album, just played them)
Battle of Who Could Care Less (Which was AMAZING)
Still Fighting It
Zak and Sara (Video)
Such Great Heights (Video)
Losing Lisa

Fred Jones Part II
Emaline (Yay!)
One Down (Never heard this before I don't think, but I had heard the story) (Video)
Girl (Video)
The Secret Life of Morgan Davis
Rock This Bitch (Go Team - who are they? Version)
Can't remember the other one

-With Band (after frantic head nodding from Ben...)-
Rockin The Suburbs (When Ben eventually managed to start it)
Rock This Bitch (The Piano's put black shit all over my jeans but at least it's not crap like last nights piano/Go Team Reprise/Liverpool) (And it's probably the same tune as last night because it looked very prepared)
Underground (About the third song this evening that Ben played the first chord of, then messed about a bit, then started playing properly. Which lead to "Who the f*ck are you" coming before the song started...)
There must have been one more here, plus I'm sure this isn't the right order

Philosophy into full Pyser ending. But very crap Pyser ending.

If anyone can complete it then thanks :) Very good I thought, even if Ben was not in an especially talkative mood (it was very hot on stage he said). All the new stuff sounded very good, and it was nice to see Jared and Sam given some proper parts in Errant Dog and Effington.

So there we go. All in all, thoroughly enjoyable. We all had a good sing along too. And if 3.6 was the person who shouted for "Satan is my Master", Hi, I was the overly tall guy in front of you.

Video - I'll upload tomorrow. (Done 10/07/08)
Good work with  the set list.  I dont think i can differ with you.  However, i do agree with the crap Pyser ending.  I just started singing the BA BA BAA bit and he stopped it.  Wasn't the only one though! 
By the look of your videos you was to left and behind me.  Iwas 4 rows/heads back from directly infront of the man.  Re your other post - thanks for the One Down shout.  Some on the front shouted as well.  Never heard the story before so enjoyed that.  One of my favourite quirky songs by him so hence my tag.  I shouted Rock This Bitch but thats because I've watched/listened Ben Folds Live too much.  All in all TOP GIG.

Tour Board / Re: Liverpool 9th july anyone?
« on: July 08, 2008, 02:09:40 AM »
I'll be there.  Cant wait.  Always gone to his gigs when he visits Manchester from '96 onwards.  8 of us went in 2002 when he supported the Divine Comedy at the Academy.  6 were fans and the others were when they came out.  My work was done!
Embarrasing for the 'Comedy though - when Ben finished his set the crowd were shouting 'stay on'.  Others we spoke to all said they were there for Ben.  Never an audiance so packed for a 'support act'.
Only 2 of us tonight so nearly Billy no mates!

News / Re: BBC Coverage of Ben at Glasto
« on: June 30, 2008, 03:32:28 AM »
If Ben wants more air time on the BBC in the future he needs to divorce his family and have a relationship with a BBC Glasto presenter. Preferably from Radio 1.
I was stuck to the TV (red , blue button as well) radio and internet (mainly this site) to get some footage of the Foldster.
If only I was a Joy Division, sorry i mean an Editors fan.  Christ, it was like the Editors show.  I only saw one clip of Kate Nash as well.
Editors on BBC3.
Editors on red, blue b'stard button.  Aaaargh. 

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