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Tour Board / Re: August 21, 2005: San Diego
« on: August 26, 2005, 08:10:36 PM »
OK, well I'm sorry but Rufus Wainwright giggling like a little girl after he forgot the lyrics for the ump-teenth time just seemed a little unprofessional for me.  But seriously, how can anyone like Rufus Wainwright??  He was one of the WORST performers I have ever seen.  Unbelievably, four people sitting directly behind me LEFT the concert after Rufus' portion; apparently they couldn't be bothered to stay to listen to the best musician of our time.

Tour Board / Re: August 21, 2005: San Diego
« on: August 25, 2005, 05:05:08 PM »
I saw Ben in San Diego on Sunday night the 21st, and thought he was awesome.  It was my first time ever seeing him live, and I couldn't believe the energy he possessed throughout the concert.  However, I have two criticism, which kind of go hand in hand.  First of all, Ben's portion of the concert was WAY too short.  He clearly outpreformed both Ben Lee (with whom I was pleasantly surprised) as well as Rufus Wainwright.  Why can Ben not play an entire concert on his own?

Second of all, if Ben must have a touring partener, there MUST be a better choice than Rufus Wainwright.  Rufus was atrocious - he was pitchy and straining pretty much the entire concert.  He was also incredibly unprofessional - forgetting the words to his songs three times, including the words to Hallelujah, which I KNOW he plays at every concert.  It was so bad that the group I was with actually walked out just as Rufus began singing "Between My Legs."  Overall the concert was enjoyable, but I would have much rather seen even 20 more minutes of Ben than had to have sit through Rufus.

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