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Hi All

I have a spare ticket for Wednesday's concert.

Orchestra Stalls - Row D - 4 rows from the front!!!

I would like face value so 75 please.

Would need to meet outside venue so please PM

Just noticed there are still a few tickets on ebay.

Would be happy to sell to the first person to PM me, at face value

ie 25.

Tickets For Sale/Wanted / [FS] 1 SEATED TICKET HAMMERSMITH ROW 2
« on: May 26, 2005, 04:55:57 AM »
Due to a last minute cancellation I have a spare ticket for Hammersmith Apollo on Tursday 31st May.

The seat is situated in Block 8, Row B seat 43 ie directly in front of the stage. See seating plan

As you can see from the seating plan this is one of the best seats in the venue!

The only downside is you'll be sitting next to my sister in law!

In view of the short time left we would have to meet outside the venue although we are only going to see Ben and won't be there for the support.

We will be grabbing a bite to eat at Smolenskys from around 7.30 (depending on what time Ben's on stage).

I would rather sell to a genuine fan than a tout hence not looking to make a fortune.

Best offer by 10pm Sunday 29th (face value 25)

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