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Tour Board / Leeds 01/12/12
« on: November 28, 2012, 02:24:42 PM »
Hi All, just getting into the groove ready for Saturday - can't wait, and I believe that the band's jet lag has now worn off too  ;)

I am afraid that I don't post much, but am absolutely made up that my Ben Odyssey has now gone full circle.  After the Sheffield gig last Feb I posted the following:


   Re: Sheffield 26th February 2011

I have to admit that I am a long time 'lurker' on this site having been a Ben fan for quite some time and been to at least a dozen different gigs over the years.  I first saw BF5 in the Leadmill in Sheffield way back a gig that Ben himself recalls because "some ****** stole my shoe!" (ps it wasn't me, honest).          I took the whole family tribe to this gig - wife and teenage daughter were Ben virgins, but 17 year old son first saw Ben with me in Manchester Apollo at the tender age of 11 (Bitches ain't sh*t was a bit tricky to explain then  LOL). 


Well my son is now all grown up and studying bass guitar at Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester.  As luck would have it, Ben was in Manchester at an art gallery today and Alasdair got to meet him.  He related the shoe story (which Ben remembered) and as a result got Ben to sign his trainer - see photo.  What an excellent sport and all round good guy!

So Leeds will be another epic family outing - we can't wait!

PS Ben, if you're reading, we've GOT to have Selfless, Cold and Composed  \m/

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