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Hi guys,
It's been a while since I've been round here mainly due to a busy new job, but just wanted to let you know i have a spare seated ticket for Hammersmith thanks to a friend who can't make it,  if anyone fancies a last minute dash to London! The seat is in Row E of the circle, so pretty close - hopefully it'll be a great view.

Will accept face value (27.50) or nearest offer. If you want it either PM me or drop me a text/give me a call on 07974 434 151. I'll be at the gig so can meet you there.

I'd rather give it away for next to nothing to a Ben fan than flog it to a tout!


News / Songs for Silverman advert on Channel 4!
« on: June 21, 2005, 02:53:16 PM »
Okay, I may have dreamt this, as it's late and I have work tomorrow and I'm kind of sleepy, but I would stake my mother's life that I just saw a very cool TV advert on (UK terrestrial channel!) Channel 4 for Songs for Silverman, courtesy of Virgin Megastores, full of juicy quotes from newspapers ("Everyone should own a Ben Folds Album - Daily Star") while 'Landed' played.

This surely has to be the biggest exposure any UK store has given Ben! I'm hugely impressed...


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