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General Board / Benvention 2005
« on: June 12, 2005, 08:45:11 AM »
Time is dwindling toward the next annual BENVENTION!! There are only roughly 200-300 tickets left for the Aug 13 'odd men out' concert date! So you should start planning your trip if you intend on comin! I'm assuming HQ is going to be my new apartment in which i am search for right now. I'm moving to Kansas City/Westport/Midtown come August 1. Just a hop skip and jump away from City Market! So go join the yahoo group now and keep yourself informed and signed up for polls and information!  This is the first time I've posted about Benvention here at the suburbs, so if you want more info, just go to the link below and surf around.  I have pictures and such from previous benventions and polls and whatnot.  It's good times!  COME TO BENVENTION.  We're gonna make t-shirts and banners. Woo!

Let's rock this bitch.


General Board / Wow...... so this is the suburbs
« on: November 24, 2002, 09:52:48 PM »
~annie, linking to barb who doesn't post here, sadly :shakes head:

and alas.... i'm here.

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