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Tour Board / April 10th, 2007 JMU, Harrisonburg, VA Setlist
« on: April 15, 2007, 04:57:02 AM »
1.  Theme from Dr. Pyser
2.  Annie Waits
3.  All You Can Eat
4.  Jesusland
5.  Gone
6.  There's Always Somone Cooler Than You
7.  Bastard
8.  Still Fighting It
9.  You To Thank
10.  Losing Lisa
11.  Landed
12.  Bitches Ain't Shit
13.  Brick
14.  Lullabye
15.  Fred Jones Pt. 2
16.  Rock This Bitch (for Dannielynn)*
17.  Narcolepsy
18.  Such Great Heights
19.  Army
20.  Kate

E1.  Underground
E2.  Not the Same

I have to admit that I am not as good as a lot of you are at posting all the inbetween improv songs. So please if you remember something significant that I forgot, please correct me!!

*  Rock This Bitch for Dannielynn -  Ben talked about being from NC and having family down there.  He said that he had rented a car and driven up 81 to Harrisonburg and stopped at a McDonald's and saw on the news where someone named Dannielynn found out who her daddy was.  He then launched into "Rock This Bitch - Oh Dannielynn"


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