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Tickets For Sale/Wanted / one 4th row ticket for the Cary, NC gig
« on: May 21, 2008, 03:36:53 PM »
I have an extra ticket for the gig on May 30th in Cary, NC. It's 4th row and on Ben's side of the stage.

PM or email me for offers. =)

Tour Board / Chapel Hill, NC
« on: March 30, 2007, 08:01:44 PM »
WHAT a way to lose my Folds virginity. "How," you ask? From the sixth row(and thank you again and again Taylor and Allison), that's how.

The only words I've been able to find to describe it are "surreal" and "magical", which sums it up pretty damn well. Eef was an awesome opener, although I wish he had gotten a chance to play more. I think he only played five songs. But he was charming and talented and completely won me over(I bought Clem Snide's live album right after the show).

Anyway, Ben and the lads were mind-blowingly amazing. I was quite pleased with the set list, especially The Last Polka.. I wish that I had thought to record it, but I was WAY too 'in the zone' to think to do that, hahaha. That's understandable, right? Underground was particularly lovely to hear too. As far as improvs went, he did the usual 'calling-Jared-Jose Hernandez' thing, "the brown note", Rock This Bitch(In Chapel Hill), and a synth jam.

Let's see, a few odd things.. he f*cked up the beginning of Jesusland, stopped, and proceeded to tell us to pretend like we had just recognized it when he started playing again.. of course, a guy a few seats down from me yelled out "JESUSLAAAAAAND!" before he started playing again. So, Ben being Ben, said something like, "Why, yes sir, I'll play that for you!" and then started back up. Though one of my favourite moments was when he was making random comments during Bitches(which I managed to record!) while the crowd sang.

Sam was effing amazing, as was Jared. I was pleased to get a few shots of Sam 'in motion', but was almost too far away to get many descent ones of Jared.

I'm sure that there is something important and/or entertaining that I've failed to mention/remember. It was just SO much to take in at once.. everything a swirl of sounds and lights and amazing-ness.

Right. The videos turned out a bit better than the pictures(for some weird reason), and, luckily, I managed to grab six good videos. Sorry if some of the pictures are a bit odd-coloured or else cropped to shit; I did my best to clean them up.


Oh, one more random story; I nearly got an autograph.. not that I almost got to meet Ben, but-- well, let me explain. After the show, as everyone was piling out of the auditorium, a woman tapped me on the shoulder and asked if she could buy one of my markers(I have a few mini Sharpies clipped to my bag). So I obliged and traded one for a dollar. I asked her if she knew where to wait for autographs, but she said that she had a backstage pass(.. HOW she got it, I didn't ask). So I nodded, smiled, told her to enjoy, and headed off to buy a t-shirt/CD. After buying said items, I meet back up with my mum who had just returned from the restroom and she said that she had asked 'the lady you sold the marker to' to get me an autograph. Cue me choking on a mouthful of water. So we waited around for a bit.. skipping the boring bits and getting to the point; we didn't see her again, so no autograph for me. Not that I think she didn't get it, just that there may have been another way out of the building. Ahh, well. It was a nice thought.

All in all? I'm an even bigger fan now(.. which is almost scary, haha) and canNOT wait to see him live again.


Etix completely screwed up this morning when I tried to order tickets; apparently, they were having "technical difficulties with the credit card transactions." Anyway, to make a short story shorter, I didn't end up getting any.

So, does anyone happen to have two tickets for sale? I'd be forever grateful. I'll beg if I have to-- this was going to be my first Folds concert, and I'm just slightly desperate, hahaaa..


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