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General Board / what do your family/friends think of Ben?
« on: March 31, 2007, 02:18:51 PM »
I was just wondering this, as not for the first time, my mum rolled her eyes at the mention of his name today.

You see, especially being in England, no one had heard of him, so my family had no frame of reference when I started blabbing on about him. 'A song about abortion? oh my...'

I was so excited when he was going to be on GMTV as they would finally see what all my fuss was about. Then of course he mimed and made silly gestures to the camera. I got the mum thought he was an idiot.  ::)

I've given up deliberately leaving his cds in the car stereo and humming tunes around the house to get them converted.

But I was wondering, what do your family and friends think of him, and your fandom!  :)

Album Board / how to convert someone to Ben-ism
« on: February 25, 2007, 08:30:39 AM »
I had the problem recently of trying to convert my first person to Ben's music. The trouble was, I couldnt decide what songs to give them to do the job! I mean, I think that his songs are consistantly good, but I wasnt going to give her half a dozen albums to wade through!

In the end, I gave her a copy of my latest Ben mix, which had 17 tracks on it (I couldnt fit any more on!) but I think that was still too much.

So, any ideas on the top 3-5 best songs to give someone to sum up his music and convert them forever?  ;D I just cant think of one or even two songs that epitomise it.

Album Board / the little bits of songs that make you go 'ooh'
« on: February 25, 2007, 08:25:46 AM »
um, not quite sure how I'm going to describe this!  ;D

Of course, I love all (well nearly all) of Ben's songs, and I have my favourites of those. But what about those little bits, that line, that key change, that word, that just makes your stomach go funny, or make you laugh, or you just really like?

for instance, I just love the way Ben sings 'battleships' in Uncle Walter

and, 'baby I was doing fine, how do you think that I survived the other twenty-five before you'

oh, and 'I clicked my heels!'

is this a silly topic? what are yours?

Tour Board / London
« on: November 10, 2006, 03:25:43 PM »
Hi, new member to the boards, but not Ben Folds, here!

I just saw that he's coming to London...I'm so excited!

Thing is, I dont actually know a single other Ben Folds fan.  :-[
Anyone in the same situation and fancy a buddy?

I suppose I've got to wait for the tickets first.  ;D

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