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News / Re: MySpace DVD coming to the UK, and more!
« on: February 08, 2007, 03:27:06 PM »
That's the most amazing thing I've ever heard! More power to you Andy! Actually I do have a mate who works for Number 10, so perhaps we could swing a Knighthood after all. Or a seat in the House of Lords, if you've got a couple of million to lend Tony Blair.

Now Andy, if you could please make it snow again tomorrow so I can't get in to work, it'd be much appreciated.

Tour Board / Re: Just got back from Hamersmith - AWESOME!!
« on: January 24, 2007, 03:27:17 PM »
The following short play is preserved for posterity.


by Conor

Scene: A rather unpleasant pub near Hammersmith Apollo. CONOR, a huge Ben Folds fan, has, after much whining, persuaded his girlfriend RUTH to accompany him to a BF gig. We assume this has taken several years. The two sit at a table enjoying well-deserved pints of Guinness after a hard day's slog in their respective jobs. Crisps and nuts are munched with gay abandon.

RUTH: I'm actually quite excited now. Is that really him playing the piano like that?
CONOR: Oh God yeah. It's really quite something live.
RUTH: I'm a bit worried that I won't know any of the songs.
CONOR: It'll be ace I promise you. There's going to be an audience singalong if he plays a song called 'Army'. Remember me playing that in the car?
RUTH: Will he play that song about Kate? I love that. I bounce around when you play that at home.
CONOR: (pause) Um.. I think it's unlikely to be honest. It's a bit of an old song from when he was with his band, and I doubt it'd resurface tonight.
RUTH: Really? Shame, it would make my night if I heard that.


RUTH: Ooooooh!
CONOR: I don't f***ing believe it.
RUTH (singing along) She plays wipeout on the drums, the squirrels and the birds come...

CONOR smiles and raises his drink toward the stage.


Tour Board / Re: Just got back from Hamersmith - AWESOME!!
« on: January 24, 2007, 12:15:40 PM »
Ben was definitely on fine form last night... great set as usual, but maybe a bit Silverman-heavy at times... would love to have heard a bit more SSSG in there... but at least we got a better than ever Bitches Ain't S**t which the crowd really got in to. Mind you, I wouldn't say the gig was without its problems...

The Good:
Underground! So good to hear it live again, we might have been watching the Five, with all the effort the band put in.

The synth - like many I was a bit nervous about this, but it sounded great and I loved the mucking about.

Gracie - the first time my girlfriend had heard it and she thought it was lovely.

Army - the full band version was great. Given that Ben usually just does this on the piano, it was awesome. Noisy as hell!

The Final Countdown - could any intro tape be more Ben? Piss-taking and funny as hell as they walked out to it.

The Bad:

The sound, particularly in the early numbers. The piano sounded muffled and you couldn't hear Ben at all. Jared and the drums were way too high in the mix and I felt 'Trusted' and 'Gone' really didn't hit the high they should have done.

(Sorry to say it but) the crowd around us. We were in Row E of the circle and the people near us just didn't get into it at all. Bit of a disappointment - I think many of them were 'guest' liggers, just there for the beer. It didn't hold a candle to last year's Apollo gig in terms of atmosphere. I'd rather have been down on the floor in retrospect. AT one point during the encore I was the only person standing up, and sat back down again self-conciously!

And, to add my voice of dissent, where the hell was Wossy?!

Still, never mind. A bloke in the queue for the gents summed it up for me by asking "Are you the Ben fan, or the other half?" I assured him I was the fan, and he nodded sagely in a 'yep, me too' kind of way.

Hi guys,
It's been a while since I've been round here mainly due to a busy new job, but just wanted to let you know i have a spare seated ticket for Hammersmith thanks to a friend who can't make it,  if anyone fancies a last minute dash to London! The seat is in Row E of the circle, so pretty close - hopefully it'll be a great view.

Will accept face value (£27.50) or nearest offer. If you want it either PM me or drop me a text/give me a call on 07974 434 151. I'll be at the gig so can meet you there.

I'd rather give it away for next to nothing to a Ben fan than flog it to a tout!


General Board / Re: Ben Live in Berlin - mp3's
« on: August 21, 2005, 04:06:32 AM »
Cool! Thanks, BenFolds11.

Tour Board / Re: Warwick recording (look-in for Gracie Rock Version)
« on: July 12, 2005, 03:34:59 PM »
And as if you needed another one...


Tour Board / Re: New gig in London 13th december!!!!!!!
« on: July 07, 2005, 11:52:43 AM »
I have a sneaky feeling that this'll be a solo show.

Don't know why, just something in my bones.

General Board / Re: Slam Book
« on: June 28, 2005, 01:14:02 PM »
Sorry guys, I'm sure you've had enough of these, particularly as I notice this thread's been going since 2002, but I just wanted something relaxing to do after a long day at work!

1. What was the first BF/F song you ever heard? On CD? Jackson Cannery. See answer to number 3.

2. In what order did you obtain the BF/F CDs you own? † Ben Folds Five, Reinhold Messner, Whatever, Suburbs, Silverman

3. When was the first time you saw BF/F live? Ben solo at Shepherd's Bush Empire, London, in 2002. I was completely blown away and went straight out and bought the first album.

4. How many times have you seen BF/F live? Ben three times, BFF never will† *sniffs*

5. Most recent show? The Barbican (is not your bitch), London, 1st June 2005

6. Other bands or musicians you love Major Favorites:† U2 (saw them in Dublin last week - awesome!), Counting Crows, Ryan Adams, The Charlatans, Finn Brothers, many others.

7. Do you have a Ben related website? Nope, i wouldn't really know how, unlike the genius/es behind the 'burbs. You guys are ace.† \m/

8. Favorite member of the five including Ben? The piano. I feel so sorry for it. It takes a pounding night after night and must then suffer the indignity of having a stool chucked at it while the audience cheers. Musical instruments have feelings too.
9. Favorite member of Ben's touring band excluding Ben? Lindsey! He's so Cool Brittania.

10. Have you ever met Ben/had something signed by Ben? How many times? No, I'm a chicken-shit when it comes to meeting Ben. ScrewedHippy asked if I'd like to go and wait for him after the Hammersmith gig. I bottled out.

11. Did you contribute to Crystal's pressie to Ben? Sorry, haven't got a scooby doo what that is, but let me know next time you have a whip round.

12. Where did you grow up? Where do you live? Born in Dublin, Ireland, grew up in the midlands of England. I now live just south of London in a beautiful town in Kent.

13. What do you do? (student, profession) I'm a Government relations consultant. I don't know what that means either.

14. Farthest you've ever travelled to see BF/F? A whopping 45 minutes by choo choo.

15. How long have you been a BF/F fan? Hmm... about 4 years I'd say.

16. Is Ben or BFF your favorite musician/band, or one of many? Yeah, why not?

17. Five of your favorite BF/F songs: The Ascent of Stan, Evaporated, Jesusland, Kalamazoo, and rocking in at number 1, Mess.

18. Males: You want to be Ben, true or false: False. I admire and love Ben to bits, there couldn't be two of us.

19. Your favorite B/FF song at this very moment. ONLY ONE. We all know it could change at any second: † Um.... *tries to be interesting*.....† nope. Still Mess.

20. Working on a theory here. Did/do your high school activities include marching band or cheerleading? Any others you care to mention? Neither of the above, although I suspect I would have made a good cheerleader. I played Rugby and Cricket.

21. What did you/are you/will you study in college? I have a degree in English Literature and a Masters degree in Journalism, both from the University of Wales, Cardiff.

22. Single? Attached? Married? Kids? Single, no kids. All my own teeth. Not unattractive. Good sense of humour. WLTM lively female in London/South East area to spoil rotten.† Please reply PO Box 7621.

23. If you could have dinner with a character from a BF/F song, who would it be? Ooh, good question. Kate. Definitely Kate. *heart melts* I bet she's gorgeous. If I'm not allowed Kate, then Stephen, so I could tell him to stop giving Europeans a bad name in America.

24. Why did you choose your screen name? If it's your real name, why did you prefer to use it? I am enormously affected by Fred Jones Part 2. My father was made redundant after giving his heart and soul to a company for 20 years - and they just let him go without even a thank you. I really relate to the song for that reason.

25. Too many questions in this list or not enough? Bang on perfect. If anyone's made it down this far then I am very grateful for your attention! I've thoroughly enjoyed reading everyone's answers.


« on: June 26, 2005, 05:44:50 PM »
Smug bastard  ;)

News / Songs for Silverman advert on Channel 4!
« on: June 21, 2005, 02:53:16 PM »
Okay, I may have dreamt this, as it's late and I have work tomorrow and I'm kind of sleepy, but I would stake my mother's life that I just saw a very cool TV advert on (UK terrestrial channel!) Channel 4 for Songs for Silverman, courtesy of Virgin Megastores, full of juicy quotes from newspapers ("Everyone should own a Ben Folds Album - Daily Star") while 'Landed' played.

This surely has to be the biggest exposure any UK store has given Ben! I'm hugely impressed...


Tickets For Sale/Wanted / Re: 2 x VERY FRONT ROW STALLS BARBICAN
« on: June 06, 2005, 02:00:28 PM »

General Board / Re: thesuburbs, the .org, the .com
« on: June 02, 2005, 05:27:26 PM »
I think the 'burbs is fantastic.

I've not met Andy (ironically, I could have done this week, and it didn't happen), but I've consistently found it to be the best Ben site there is. Bar none. The .org seems to be full of unhappy people, the .com full of sycophants.

So I salute you, Andy & co. - and I'm happy to be one of the nice people. Boxing's been good to me.

Tour Board / Re: BARBICAN - 1/06/2005
« on: June 02, 2005, 06:58:12 AM »
Yeah, sorry I didn't get to see you again Conor, We basically arrived 5 minutes before Clem got on stage, and the no mobile signals in there didn't help in the slighest.

No problem mate, we were running late so only caught the end of Clem's set. Glad you had a good night - no doubt bump into you again sometime!

Tour Board / Re: BARBICAN - 1/06/2005
« on: June 02, 2005, 06:50:41 AM »
Thanks for posting the pics, Hippy!
I thoroughly enjoyed the Barbican show, and it was nice that Ben and the boys went off-piste and started taking requests. I can't believe I got to hear 'Evaporated' and 'Carrying Cathy' - two of my favourite Ben songs ever.

It was also great as I had people with me who weren't that familiar with Ben but left as fans!

I'd say on balance though that the Hammersmith show was the better of the two - mainly because it seemed so much louder - being more of a rock venue, I guess, they had the technology to whack up the volume. Did anyone else think the sound was a bit quiet at points during the Barbican show? I guess the 'Rock Governor' must have pushed his button at those points to stop us rocking the Barbican bitch too much...

Tour Board / Re: 05-05-31 Hammersmith, London *SPOILERS*
« on: May 31, 2005, 03:39:01 PM »
Just got home - what an amazing gig! The rocked-up Jesusland was hysterical.

And full credit to ScrewedHippy, who was about to get up mid-gig to go to the loo, when Ben said 'This is a song about my brush with the armed forces', and he had to sit with an excruciatingly painful gut just so he could sing along to 'Army'.

If tomorrow's Barbican gig is even half as good as tonight, people are in for a treat!

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