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Tour Board / Re: 2/18/08 Ann Arbor Set list
« on: February 19, 2009, 01:47:21 AM »
What's BFFC?

Tour Board / Re: Philadelphia (2.14.09) setlist
« on: February 17, 2009, 01:36:41 AM »
One more thing... I heard the soundcheck from outside the venue, it was Zak And Sara followed by Not The Same.

News / Re: Way to Normal: Stems and Seeds! (SPOILERS-ish)
« on: February 17, 2009, 12:51:54 AM »
Damn, I JUST found out about this. Guess it's too late now. :shrug

Tour Board / Re: Philadelphia (2.14.09) setlist
« on: February 16, 2009, 12:05:27 AM »
Some of my own thoughts:

This was my second time seeing Ben. The first was when he played at my school (University of Pennsylvania) back in 2007. (If anyone knows the setlist from that show, I would really appreciate it!) Ironically, that show occured on Friday the 13th and this one on Saturday the 14th.

IMO, the addition of a keyboardist and percussionist to the traditional three-piece lineup really helped the depth of the songs on which they were featured. Prior to this show I hadn't heard any of the songs on Way To Normal with the exception of You Don't Know Me, so I didn't recognize them when they were played. (I identified them by texting myself the lyrics and Googling them after the show.) I must say, though, that I was very impressed by them, and they may be among the best collections of songs Ben has ever put out. I should also note that while I did not like the studio version of You Don't Know Me, the song came across MUCH better in a live setting. I think it was before either Underground or Army, Ben told a story about when he was in high school and he had a third set of teeth growing in that had to be surgically removed or something. He also made an error when instructing the crowd on the backing harmonies on Not The Same. He said that the middle part is a minor third above the lower part. This is only partially correct: it starts as a minor third and then goes to a MAJOR third. (He also made this error at the UPenn show in 2007. Both times I attempted to point this out to him, and both times he completely ignored me.)

Highlights included You Don't Know Me, Way To Normal, Underground, and the entire encore (which ended with Ben throwing his stool at the piano before walking offstage). Notably, Zak and Sara segued directly into Kate without any break between them, and Bastard lacked the outro heard on the studio version. Also, Ben dedicated The Luckiest to his wife. If I remember anything else I'll post it here.

Tour Board / Philadelphia (2.14.09) setlist
« on: February 14, 2009, 10:18:58 PM »
onstage 10:00 PM

1. Fair
2. Effington
3. Brainwascht
4. You Don't Know Me
5. Annie Waits
6. Alice Childress
7. Way To Normal
8. Lovesick Diagnostician
9. Dr. Yang
10. Hiroshima
11. Bastard
12. Landed
13. Free Coffee
14. Eddie Walker
15. Lullabye
16. Emaline
17. The Luckiest
18. Kylie From Connecticut
19. Army
20. Underground
21. Not The Same
22. Cologne
23. Bitch Went Nutz

24. Zak and Sara
25. Kate
26. Philosophy

offstage 12:05 AM

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