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Tour Board / Re: 2009 Tour Dates
« on: March 05, 2009, 05:29:35 PM »
Sounds like the perfect excuse for another road trip.  Are you sure you didn't do that by-mistake-on-purpose?

News / Re: Ben Folds Mobile presale?
« on: March 05, 2009, 08:08:33 AM »
There were still good seats avail. for Durham all the way up until they went on sale to the general public...let us know how you made out.

News / Re: Ben Folds Mobile presale?
« on: March 05, 2009, 07:35:22 AM »
If great seats are worth an extra $30 to you, go to and join the fan club.  The presale started for Mobile yesterday.  I got front row center to the Durham, NC show through that presale and I think everyone else who has taken advantage of it were at or near the front.  Plus you might get a cool welcome package...or 1/2 of one...or none at all.  But that's a different story.

Tour Board / Re: Asheville, NC - 2/23
« on: March 04, 2009, 07:58:23 AM »
however i have never heard the other story he told that night about him and the five running over a bear.

He ran over a bear?!?! How is that possible? He must have been driving a monster truck :P. Not to call Ben a liar but I also think the story is made up.

his dad was in .38 special, ya know?

But only after, as a kid growing up in W-S, Ben watched a poodle freak out and die from the sound of his Dad's circular saw.  It was very traumatic and is why he kept the volume down in Cary last year... so he wouldn't kill any of the duckies or turtles.

Tour Board / Re: 2/27/09 [Atlanta, GA]
« on: February 27, 2009, 05:41:10 AM »
Miniature Tigers were very well received in Durham.  I thought they were great and I'm now the proud owner of Tell It to the Volcano. 

Tour Board / Re: Pittsburgh (2-16-09) Setlist?
« on: February 17, 2009, 11:32:04 AM »
I think Fair has been on every set list so far.  That's one of my must-see songs as I've never seen Ben or the Five do it live.  Lets hope it stays in the mix for the Durham, NC show...please!

General Board / Re: What are you listening to?
« on: February 06, 2009, 01:51:06 PM »
Eagles of Death Metal - Wannabe in L.A.

Tour Board / Re: Live Songs
« on: April 06, 2007, 08:04:59 PM »
Here's my list.  These are the live songs that I've seen played by:
BFF - Walnut Creek, Raleigh, NC (G105 Summer Show) - 1997 (?)
Ben Folds - Meymandi Hall, Raleigh, NC 3/30/06
Ben Folds - Memorial Hall, Chapel Hill, NC 3/28/07

Ben Folds Five
  1. Jackson Cannery
  2. Philosophy
  3. Julianne
  4. Where's Summer B.?
  5. Alice Childress
  6. Underground
  7. Sports & Wine
  8. Uncle Walter
  9. Best Imitation of Myself
10. Video
11. The Last Polka
12. Boxing

Whatever & Ever Amen
  1. One Angry Dwarf & 200 Solemn Faces
  2. Fair
  3. Brick
  4. Song For The Dumped
  5. Selfless, Cold, & Composed
  6. Kate
  7. Smoke
  8. Cigarette
  9. Steven's Last Night In Town
10. Battle of Who Could Care Less
11. Missing The War
12. Evaporated

The Unauthorized Biography of Reinhold Messner
  1. Narcolepsy
  2. Don't Change Your Plans
  3. Mess
  4. Magic
  5. Hospital Song
  6. Army
  7. Your Redneck Past
  8. Your Most Valuable Possession
  9. Regrets
10. Jane
11. Lullabye

Rockin' The Suburbs
  1. Annie Waits
  2. Zak & Sara
  3. Still Fighting It
  4. Gone
  5. Fred Jones Pt. 2
  6. The Ascent of Stan
  7. Losing Lisa
  8. Carrying Cathy
  9. Not The Same
10. Rockin The Suburbs
11. Fired
12. The Luckiest

Songs For Silverman
  1. Bastard
  2. You To Thank
  3. Jesusland
  4. Landed
  5. Gracie
  6. Trusted
  7. Give Judy My Notice
  8. Late
  9. Sentimental Guy
10. Time
11. Prison Food

Supersunnyspeedgraphic, the LP
  1. In Between Days
  2. All U Can Eat
  3. Songs Of Love
  4. Smile (There's Always Someone Cooler Than You)
  5. Learn To Live With What You Are
  6. Bitches Ain't Shit
  7. Adelaide
  8. Rent-A-Cop
  9. Get Your Hands Off My Woman
10. Bruised
11. Dog
12. Still


Such Great Heights
Rock This Bitch
107 Isley St./Chapel Hill Jam
Dr. Peyser (Now I can die a happy man!)

Tour Board / Re: Chapel Hill, NC
« on: April 06, 2007, 10:00:15 AM »
Just found out about this website this morning.  I'm glad I've found it because the BF message board that I've been on until now is the same 3 or 4 people yelling at each other about their grammar and who's a bigger fan.  It would be nice to share with a few like minded, intelligent folks.

A couple of cool Chapel Hill moments that Carly left out:

Ben talked about how Chapel Hill is "one of my hometowns".  He said he lived at 107 Isley Street from 1991 through 1998 and if anyone in the audience could prove that they live at 107 Isley...he'd give them a cookie.  Also, while Ben was talking, some drunk was trying to yell out something unintelligable from the balcony.  Ben started immitating him and that became the main verse to the improv jam and then the next verse was that everyone should go to 107 Isley and f*ck with the guy who lives there now.  Here's the setlist:

Dr. Peyser
All U Can Eat
Smile (Cooler than you)
Chapel Hill Jam
Still Fighting It
You to Thank
Losing Lisa
Bitches Aint Shit (Bitches can't hang in the streets of Carrboro, Pittsboro or Saxapahaw) :)

Fred Jones Pt. 2
The Last Polka

Such Great Heights
Zak and Sara
Not the Same

One Angry Dwarf

I look forward to chatting with y'all.  I plan to go to see Ben with John Mayer in July.  He's being billed as "Very Special Guest" so hopefully his set will be at least an hour.  I think a lot of Ben fans might opt out of that show because of John Mayer but we need to go to make sure we outnumber the screaming tweens who might disrespect Ben because they want John Mayer to come on.  I'm sure he'll rock and win them all over!   

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