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Title: 5/17 Oakland Fox Theater/Meet & Greet
Post by: AudioDile on May 15, 2009, 10:29:49 AM
Going to the show in Oakland on Sunday, unfortunately it looks like once again I won't be meeting Ben, in spite of the perfect intimate venue to do it. :P  I guess I've waited 12 years, I can wait longer.

Congrats to those who did get picked for the Meet & Greet.  If any of you are reading this and by some bizarre circumstance don't have a second person who's dying to meet Ben to bring with you, I've got a free dinner with your name on it.  Or if eating with total strangers isn't your cup of tea, I can just bring cash.  I'm afraid I'll have to draw the line at sexual favors, though.  I'm saving myself for Ben.  I figure eventually he's gonna figure out that it's just not working out with girls.

Yeah, so that probably killed off any chance I had.  Oh well.  Have fun you guys. :)