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Title: Brighton 2.6.05 - Awful sound
Post by: martyh on June 03, 2005, 01:47:23 AM
Hi all,
First post on these fora, and sorry that it's not a happy one. I've read some of the posts from others about the gig in Brighton last night and I'm wondering if we were at the same place??

We were sitting near the front - 5 rows back, and from there the show sounded awful, seriously - this was probably the most disappointing gig i've ever been to.

Let me clarify, i'm not blaming Ben, his energy and talent was certainly there, it's just that we couldn't hear him - his vocals and the piano were drowned out by the bass and drums, it was so bad in fact that we left well before the end of the show. And it wasn't just us, several of the people sitting near us walked out too - they'd come to see Ben and wanted to hear him - not sit in a place where it sounded like his speakers had been wrapped in cotton wool - it really was shocking - we couldn't hear the words half the time.

On the plus side the drummer was excellent - absolutley spot on beat after beat - if i'd paid my money to see a drum show i'd be pleased, but I didn't and I wasn't.

As we left I could tell that the sound pitch had changed the nearer we got to the rear of the auditorium, it was definitly a more balanced sound away from where our seats were - does anyone know if we were sitting above a sub woofer in the floor?

As you can tell i'm gutted about last night, and though glad others on here enjoyed the show i'm sorry I can't join you in saying it rocked. We'd driven a total of 120 miles to see him again (i've been a long time BF fan - his best show IMHO was the xmas gig in '99 at the Royal Albert Hall - now that was amazing!) I think i'll be calling the management of the Dome today to ask for an explanation - though I doubt it will do any good.

Did anyone else on here have a similar experience?
Title: Re: Brighton 2.6.05 - Awful sound
Post by: Ootini on June 03, 2005, 02:24:25 AM
Actually, you're right. The sound quality was pretty poor near the front. Blame that on poor speaker placement in the dome. I think it's one of those places that's designed as a classical and theater venue rather than pop/rock.

As you're well aware if you were there, Ben himself started telling the monitoring engineers what to do and the CDs played beforehand were crackling like mad. Poor show from the in house engineers.

It didn't bother me enough to let it spoil my enjoyment of the gig.
Title: Re: Brighton 2.6.05 - Awful sound
Post by: Kel on June 03, 2005, 03:46:14 AM
i was sitting right in front of you if only we knew
the sound was piss poor at the start but seemed to get better
we couldnt meet ben we hung round for hours b4 and after but he left as soon as which sucks......3years and nothing
Title: Re: Brighton 2.6.05 - Awful sound
Post by: Sebster74 on June 03, 2005, 04:34:20 AM
The positioning of the speakers is what made the sound pretty poor. As me and kel were sat right near the front and the speakers on the stage werent angled in the sound pretty much passes right pass you, so thats why the sound nearer the back was better. However after the band left the sound got better, and it was a lot better when they got on stage again. Also a friend of mine was sat in front of the sound desk and said that 2 sound guys behind them were going mad trying to figure what was going on. So it might of also been a technical fault.
Title: Re: Brighton 2.6.05 - Awful sound
Post by: ads on June 03, 2005, 07:15:28 AM
We Were on the auditorium right side of the theatre- (Stage left) up in the circle and I do agree the sound was pretty horrible, Ben did ask if the piano and his vocals could be turned up 3 songs in.
 Now I work in theatre - i am a stage manager at a theatre in london - and to me it was something to do with the drums-  you could notice that the sound distortion really was at its worst with the band, and after the drums stopped playing for a few secs the sound returned to ok levels. The bass was not effected, it trully did come from the Drums- maybe the mic or some kind of distortion. From experience i know this is hard to trace and no wonder they were pulling thier hair out.
 When Ben was on by himself the sound was great, and this was the best part of the show. Like others have said he P.O'd really quick after the show and left about 20 or people waiting to meet him as apparently he had a bad rib and was a little tired from flying etc- Well I flew from australia the day before to get to the gig! . (c'mon Ben - fans are your bread and butter- as you say its not such a bad job-and we all did have to re-schedule for you) I would like him to know that his sound was crap even though he could do nothing bout it. Also I would never go to see him at a sitting down venue again, as he had to work so hard to get the audience going. Any new folds converts found it hard to lsten to the lyrics- Which are a massive part of his music, and half of his charm.
 I really DID like the gig however- but the sound did put a dent in it- by himself he was ace- but the distortion- (and im certain it was from the drums) really marred an otherwise brilliant night.
Title: Re: Brighton 2.6.05 - Awful sound
Post by: Sebster74 on June 03, 2005, 08:35:58 AM
Though just to clear this, which a lot of people are getting confused with. When he asked for the piano and vocals to be turned up, these were for his stage moniters and nothing to do with him asking for it to be turned up out front, because being on stage he probs would have no idea what the sound was like out front.
Title: Re: Brighton 2.6.05 - Awful sound
Post by: gingganggooly on June 03, 2005, 09:13:11 AM
We were right at the back of the stalls in the centre, and the sound was fine.  Perhaps, the vocals could have been up a notch, but the balance worked nicely.  Obviously the problems previously described were a localised issue.
Title: Re: Brighton 2.6.05 - Awful sound
Post by: ads on June 03, 2005, 09:55:17 AM
You are right about his stage monitors but as to the poor sound being a localized problem ???are you kidding?  - look at these posts all in different areas and poor sound - you mustve gotten lucky in your spot - lucky cause most everyone else had "localized" rubbish sound.
Title: Re: Brighton 2.6.05 - Awful sound
Post by: edlane on June 03, 2005, 11:55:07 AM
We were 4 rows from the stage directly in front of Ben. The sound definately improved after the first 2 or 3 songs ( it was pretty 'ropey' to start with) but I would say that when the whole band were playing , the mix was a little too biased towards bass and drums.
 That said, after being fans for the last 5 yrs, this was our first Ben Folds gig and we thought the guy was awsome - great set , great band and a real feel good atmosphere.
Anybody else think it a bit strange that nobody stood up till the end though?
Title: Re: Brighton 2.6.05 - Awful sound
Post by: mr.t on June 03, 2005, 12:03:40 PM
at cintas in cincinnati ohio, like the top balcony thing f*cks it all up. so its like an echo. ben was joshin about it too in cincinnati. and that could be the worst sounding concert ive ever been too. it was ben though so i cant complain.