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General Board / Re: Who's on your Ben Folds Mixtape?
« Last post by ReubenH on April 28, 2017, 10:26:18 PM »
Eef Barzelay singing "Not the Same"

One of my favourites.
General Board / Re: The Supreme Topic of Bootlegs
« Last post by Zeek on April 28, 2017, 04:00:41 PM »
It's been awhile.  My request for the Freaking Out DVD still stands :D
Ben Folds
Featuring yMusic
27 April 2015
Bowery Ballroom
New York, New York
Ben Folds
Hart Theatre @ The Egg, Albany, NY (USA)
September 26, 2016

1. Phone In A Pool
2. The Last Polka
3. Annie Waits
4. Selfless, Cold And Composed
5. Capable Of Anything
6. Bastard
7. Cigarette
8. Fred Jones, Part 2
9. Effington
10. Landed
11. -Not A Fan intro-
12. Not A Fan
13. Uncle Walter
14. -intermission with airplane launch-
15. The Luckiest
16. Improv ("I've Never Heard Of You, Sing Something That Will Dazzle The Shit Out Of Me")
17. Bitches Ain't Shit [Dr. Dre]
18. Bitches Ain't Shit [Dr. Dre] (aborted)
19. Philosophy
20. Jesusland
21. Champagne Supernova [Oasis]
22. Song For The Dumped
23. Jane
24. The Ascent Of Stan
25. Underground
26. Carrying Cathy
27. One Angry Dwarf And 200 Solemn Faces
28. -encore break-
29. Army
Ben Folds and yMusic
Palais Theatre, Melbourne, Australia
Friday 26th August 2016

(recorded with a Lumia 930.  I never thought I'd see that, given that I own the Icon)

Track List:

1. Beautiful Mechanical (yMusic cover)
2. So There
3. Capable of Anything
4. Not a Fan
5. Effington
6. Rock This Bitch (St Kilda/Melbourne ad lib lyrics)
7. Ben talks
8. Still Fighting It
9. Phone in a Pool
10. Mess
11. Music in Circles (yMusic cover)
12. Evaporated
13. The Last Polka
14. Boxing
15. Ben talks (teaches the audience how to write a sad song and a happy song)
16. Erase Me
17. Adelaide
16. Army
17. Steven's Last Night in Town
18. Encore Break
19. Annie Waits
20. Cigarette
21. Fred Jones, Part 2
22. You Don't Know Me
Ben Folds with yMusic
The Sinclair
Cambridge, MA 04/25/2015

Beautiful Mechanical (yMusic without Ben Folds)
So There
Long Way To Go
Rock This Bitch
Not A Fan
Music In Circles (yMusic without Ben Folds)
Yes Man
I'm Not The Man
Erase Me
Capable Of Anything
Steven's Last Night in Town
Not the Same

The Luckiest (Ben Solo)
The Secret Life of Morgan Davis (Ben Solo)
Eddie Walker (Ben Solo)
Zak and Sara (Ben Solo)
Annie Waits
You Don't Know Me

I haven't been downloading too many of these, particularly the yMusic ones, since the setlist is seemingly the same every time.  A lot of the ones posted previously that I missed myself over the months have already disappeared from DIME.  So, hopefully, one day they'll crop up again, somewhere.
Album Board / Re: Thoughts on BF/BFF vinyl
« Last post by chilliwhippet on April 28, 2017, 06:22:14 AM »
I've got the same problem. I tried to download at home and work and no such luck with either.
General Board / Re: Why are some transcription books so expensive???
« Last post by dissertationeden on April 28, 2017, 03:36:52 AM »
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Album Board / Re: Thoughts on BF/BFF vinyl
« Last post by Eric on April 27, 2017, 03:01:57 PM »
I was able to get it to load with Firefox but not with Chrome. But then I ended up getting an access denied error when I put in the code. Refreshed and got an error saying my download limit had been reached.

Ended up emailing support and getting a Wetransfer link from them.
Album Board / Re: Thoughts on BF/BFF vinyl
« Last post by Zeek on April 27, 2017, 02:24:37 PM »
I recently picked up the WASO lp on Record Store Day.  In my current apartment, I don't have a record player, but I saw it came with a digital download.  However, it seems that the site (hosted on, which I believe is a Sony company) has been undergoing maintenance everyday since then.  Checking on Twitter and some other places shows other people having the same result.

Anyone else who picked it up have success?
I got a setlist at that show too!
Tour Board / Setlist for 2013/02/05 Ben Folds Five Roseland Theater Portland, OR
« Last post by Fongolia on April 25, 2017, 09:14:26 PM »
From the setlist I took (Robert's!):

Ben Folds Five
Opener: Nataly Dawn (of Pomplamoose)
Roseland Theater
Portland, OR

1.  Michael Praytor, Five Years Later
2.  Jackson Cannery
3.  Hold That Thought
4.  Selfless, Cold and Composed
5.  Erase Me
6.  Landed
7.  Sky High
8.  Missing the War
9.  Battle of Who Could Care Less
10.  Draw a Crowd
11.  Thank You for Breaking My Heart
12.  Brick
13.  Philosophy (from printed setlist)  Theme from Dr. Pyser
14.  Kate
15.  Do It Anyway
16.  Alice Childress
17.  Steven's Last Night in Town
18.  Song for the Dumped
19.  Army

Magic (from printed setlist)
One Angry Dwarf and 200 Solemn Faces

**not sure at what point, but they played a Folsom Prison Blues-style improv song and separately a Rock This Bitch for Portland jam
Tour Board / setlist for 2015/09/14 Ben Folds & yMusic Moore Theater Seattle, WA
« Last post by Fongolia on April 25, 2017, 09:04:46 PM »
From the setlist I took:

I didn't take any notes, so I can't verify how closely they followed this and it's been so long I don't remember any details either.

Ben Folds & yMusic
Opener: Mindie Lind
Moore Theater
Seattle, WA

1. Beautiful Mechanical (yMusic)
2. So There
3. Long Way to Go
4. Not a Fan
5. Effington
6. I'm Not the Man
7. Phone in a Pool
8. Mess
9. Music in Circles (yMusic)
10. Yes Man
11. Erase Me
12. Jesusland
13. Capable of Anything
14. Steven's Last Night in Town
15. You Don't Know Me

Not the Same
Tour Board / Re: Ben Folds w/ Regina Spektor - Vienna, VA July 26th
« Last post by Allison on April 25, 2017, 03:23:29 PM »
Sounds like I'll be there.

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