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News / Re: Mysterious New Songs?
« on: July 17, 2008, 03:02:07 PM »
Gotta agree with the hope, misguided or not, that at least some of the new stuff we're hearing will make the album.

I LOVE Way To Normal and these versions of Cologne/YDKM/Hiroshima (I didn't even really care for the live Hirosh, but this one sounds much fuller). I love them enough that I could live with these versions of Free Coffee and The B**** Went Nuts. (I want the old Brainwashed back though...)

I might even be able to live with Dr. Yang...

There's just a lot of energy and soul in here that I haven't heard in his post-RTS solo stuff, and I'll take a pound of flawed but heartfelt over a sack of bland anyday.

Man, he should just stick everything on the album, duplicate titles and all. Make it a double if necessary. I'll even suffer The Frown Song if necessary, long as it's safely quarantined at the end...

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