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Title: Old Press Kit- Magazine Scans!
Post by: fireworksordie on October 09, 2011, 09:09:39 PM
Hey gang-

Hopefully some of you will enjoy these. My girlfriend bought these off eBay and surprised me with them last weekend. It's a collection from a press kit that the Five's label sent around at the time of Reinhold Messner's release. It includes selections from magazines and a press sheet. I figured none of this was necessarily "new" by any means, but some of the articles are pretty fun, and there are some great quotes. I've always read here about his leaving off of "Carrying Cathy" as well as things about "Break Up at Food Court", but there are some actual real-live quotes on those in here! Whoo!


Anyways, here they are in PDF form. All of them are in black and white, which is a bummer since some of the images are pretty fun. But maybe those are still around somewhere.

550 Music Press Sheet (with Truths and Rumors) (
Rolling Stone (
Alternative Press (
Mademoiselle (
Gear (
Maxim (
Newsweek (
Time Out New York (
Newsday (
New Music Monthly (
Details (

The SPIN, NMM, and Details articles are worth a look in particular. A lot of these articles mangle Darren's name. Poor guy.
Title: Re: Old Press Kit- Magazine Scans!
Post by: Andy on October 10, 2011, 12:00:19 AM
These are great! Thanks for sharing them - awesome girlfriend :D

I know that I have the NMM magazine somewhere so I could do a colour scan. However, I think jpar's might be closer to hand if he want to do it?