Live in Kansas City July 23rd

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Re: Live in Kansas City July 23rd
« Reply #45 on: July 28, 2010, 10:09:11 PM »

There kind of was at the Chicago St Pat's block party last year (where I was standing at least).  the group I was around had some kind of vague group swaying thing going on that got much more lively with picture window, of all songs.

A mosh pit and/or group sway more lively with picture window? I was initially surprised that one would be attempted at a Ben Folds show...but to have one appear (mosh and/or group sway)  to intensify during 'Picture Window' is even more unexpected.

It was, supposedly, the first time anyone had heard it outside of Ben and the band, and St. Pat's included 5 free drinks with entry, so...

Pretty sure that Underground got a little rowdy too.
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Re: Live in Kansas City July 23rd
« Reply #46 on: July 30, 2010, 05:38:35 AM »
At the Sunflower Music Festival in Lawrence, KS circa 1997 (1998?), the crowd was moshing to Missing the War, so the guys played three slow tunes in a row because moshing to ballads was "just about the dumbest thing someone could do." The crowd took the hint and eventually settled down, only to pick back up when they broke out One Angry Dwarf.

I loathe festival crowds.

I still consider that to be one of the worst Ben shows I was at.  Looked it up: May 16, 1998.  Extremely hot.  Short play time.  Crappy crowd.  However, from what I remember a great setlist.  Also, I remember Ben climbing on top of the speakers, up about 8' to throw the stool and the keys exploded off the piano.  That was awesome.