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Title: Welcome - READ THIS FIRST!
Post by: Andy on May 10, 2005, 01:49:52 AM
This board is for those who want to trade tickets for Ben Folds (and related) shows.

Please note that this is a public board and I can make no guarantees over how trustworthy or reliable any buyer, seller or swapper may be. You agree to assume all responsibility as far as either providing a ticket as described or purchasing a ticket as agreed, and will exercise reasonable caution as far as giving out any form of personal or contact details.
Do not post ANY personal details that you would not be happy with floating around on the internet. A safer way to send someone on the board your details without it being publicly accessible is to send them a private message, which can be done by clicking on their username and then "Send this member a personal message".

Once again, please exercise caution when dealing with people over the internet - especially when money and/or addresses are involved. This board is also open to all age groups, so I must ask that anyone 16 or under should seek adult permission of someone directly responsible for them before getting in touch with any trader.

Play safe, and enjoy the shows!

Title: Re: Welcome - READ THIS FIRST!
Post by: Andy on May 10, 2005, 01:51:46 AM
To make things easier, please put [FS] in the topic line of tickets for sale, and [REQ] if you are putting out a request for tickets.

I also do not allow links to eBay sales or other auction sites.