Ben Folds and Ymusic Live at Riviera Chicago, IL 5/13/2016

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Opener Dotan was actually pretty interesting....normally a six piece band with just two guys. If the crowd wasn't talking so much you probably could have actually heard them.

Set List:
1. Ymusic Selection
2. So There
3. Capable of Anything (Ben mentioning Bugfest 2016 also known as too many people talking during the show).
4. Not A Fan
5. Effington (Ben screws up the words and then says "I'm f*cking f*ckington :)
6. Phone in a Pool
7. Mess
8. Ymusic Selection
9. Rock This Bitch in Chicago
10. Not the Man
11. Chicago "The Windy City" is not so Windy today (pretty much Ben rehashing past Chicago shows...mentioned solo piano shows at the Vic :)
12. Jesusland
13. Erase Me
14. Song for the Dumped
15. Steven's Last Night in Town (Just awesome, clarinet solo probably could have gone on for twenty minutes and no one would have cared).
16. Landed (Solo)
17. You Don't Know Me
18. Army


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Re: Ben Folds and Ymusic Live at Riviera Chicago, IL 5/13/2016
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Setlist has been updated. I'm super jealous of Chicago. Of all the show's I've seen him play there I've never seen it. And I freakin love that thing. I wish he'd release it for real.
mel (1:10:14 AM): love ben folds or burn!