New Beatles fanmix: The Ultimate Let It Be/Get Back compilation?

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* note - the original torrent for this has a truncated track. Please also look for this torrent:

FIX for The Beatles - The Warmth And The Freshness

For all those Beatles fans in the 'burbs:

Ever wished you could listen to...

- Get Back with the coda but without all the reverb?
- Don't Let Me Down with George's harmony but without all those rooftop flubs and imbalances?
- I've Got A Feeling with the great vocals from 22.69 without the breakdown?
- Dig A Pony with Billy's organ but without burying the lead guitar?
- Across The Universe with the harmonies from both versions?
- Any of the clear Let It Be...Naked mixes without those "fader slam" endings?
- The 'Glyn Johns Version' studio chat without his clumsy mixes?

Oh, and have you ever wanted to see decent photos of all 5 Beatles during these sessions?

Well now you can.

The Beatles with Billy Preston - The Warmth And The Freshness realizes the vision promised on the back cover of the original LP.  It includes the best aspects of all the familiar releases, presented to create the illusion that you’re right in the room with the band as they give ideal performances of the Get Back/Let It Be material.

This continuously playing lineup begins with an idealized version of the January 30 rooftop concert (same sequence of five songs), then moves indoors for the January 31 songs.  Mixes were chosen that include all the vocal and instrumental parts that were played, with minimal apparent overdubs and reverb.  This compilation is arguably more cohesive and consistent with the original vision of the project than any previous release.

Editing was used restore abrupt fades, repair mistakes and mixing problems, stitch together sections of different mixes, and include the familiar chatter from the various releases.  The only effects used were occasional EQ, time and pitch correction. No noise reduction or reverbs effects were applied.  Details for each track are provided in the liner notes.

This compilation is in no way a "bootleg" made for profit or sale. This is a fan-created disc, and Never For Sale!

Available now.  Please listen and share your reactions here!