New 'Irresponsible' 4-piano project involving Ben Folds, Tim Minchin...

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(continued from title) , Alicia Witty and Amanda Palmer.


Ben said on the red carpet that he is going to do a side-project involving Tim Minchin, Amanda Palmer and Alicia Witty.

I am not sure when it is going to happen and not sure what the other pianists' tour dates are like but I would imagine it would be this year. However, I am really excited about this especially with Tim Minchin and his humour.

I would have liked to see Jamie Cullum a part of this project as he is clearly a devoted fan of Ben's and has publically stated this (and even spoke to him about it! In fact, both Cullum and Tim Minchin had Folds tracks when they appeared on the BBC's Dessert Island Disc series with Kirsty Young.

What are everyone else's thoughts?


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According to a Japanese magazine interview with Ben, they named their project "40 Fingers for 4-Piano Players". They are going to record an album in April.