Rare autographed Ben stuff on eBay (incl. Reed Secret Show swag)

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Hey all,
Just wanted to give a heads-up that I am selling a lot of autographed Ben stuff on eBay.  Some is cool and some is silly.  Included are:

   Two autographed Rockin' The Suburbs T-shirts
   Autographed setlist, Reed show 10/12/01 (not pictured above)
   Original lyrics to "Latex" song
   Autographed CD: Rockin' The Suburbs B-sides in original shrink wrap
   Concert ticket and backstage pass from Portland, OR show 11/06/02
Autographed concert ticket from Atlanta, GA show 11/15/05
   Autographed CD: "Ben Folds Live at Tower Records"
   The chinese food order for Ben and the crew from the Reed show.

Here is the ad:

I hope it's ok that I am mentioning it here.

PS I love the 'burbs and hope we'll get more front page updates soon.


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Re: Rare autographed Ben stuff on eBay (incl. Reed Secret Show swag)
« Reply #1 on: June 13, 2010, 06:30:41 PM »
Two rules of eBay.

1-Photograph EVERYTHING you're selling. If it's not pictured, it doesn't exist.
2-Don't sell in lots. I want one thing in there, not everything. You lose my bid. Same for others wanting other things in the lot. You'll probably also make more if you sell it all individually.

Just my .02.