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Tour Board / NEW DATES!!!!one!!
« on: July 31, 2006, 04:19:28 PM »
Nov. 1     Houston, TX      Jones Hall
Nov. 5    Columbia, MO    Jesse Auditorium
University of Missouri
Nov. 6    Lawrence, KS    Lied Center of Kansas
Nov. 9    Bloomington, IN    IU Auditorium
Nov. 11    Geneseo, NY    Kuhl Gym
SUNY / Geneseo
Nov. 12    Fredonia, NY    SUNY Fredonia Gym
Nov. 14    Columbia, SC    Koger Center For The Arts
Univ. of South Carolina
Nov. 15    Washington, DC    Bender Arena
Nov. 18    Chestertown, MD    Lifetime Fitness Center
Washington College

From of course. :)

Tour Board / Houston anyone?
« on: July 18, 2006, 03:27:53 PM »
So, a little birdie told me today that Ben's playing with the Houston Symphony Orchestra on November 1st. Presale happens to be August 1st.

I'm no where near there, but Jared told me they'd be in the studio then.... unless that just happend, with Micheal's site saying that and all.... which leaves me with a better outlook for Ben shows in my part of the world sooner than 2007.

General Board / Ben's Glasses
« on: July 06, 2006, 01:44:44 PM »
Okay, can't find the original thread about asking him...

But, the .org had this posted:,5936,19708297%5E31624,00.html

General Board / Does anyone else remember...
« on: July 03, 2006, 09:38:56 PM »
The day that you became a Ben Folds (Five) fan?

Because, I sure do. It was a year ago today... 07/04/2005 I saw Ben live at Summerfest here in Mil-town, Wisconsin. And there wasn't any going back. In this past year I've been to seven shows, including that one, and met him four times. It's been a great year. And now I'm really wondering what my life was like before the Folds came into it. Seems like a twisted existance.

I've also realized that a week of my last year of existance was spent waiting for/attending Ben shows. I wonder how many hours I've spent shivering outside of a theater.... Wisconsin, first week of March? Not exactly warm.... And when you get there at noon, and the doors don't open for 6 hours. Oh man.

So does anyone else know?

Tour Board / Milwaukee Show set list and pics 5/27/06
« on: May 30, 2006, 08:43:55 PM »
Got to the Summerfest Grounds at 10:30 AM. Other people didn't show up til noon, 12:30ish. I love being a BenFreak though. And, I think I should get a sticker for being CRAZY.

The new stage is nice. It was ridiculous trying to get in there though. I was there first and then didn't get first dibs on seats, but we ended up dead on to the stool front row anyways. Suckers who don't know any better about where the piano will be.

The first cover band wasn't bad. Actually, rather okay.

Second one was HIGH-larious. Every freaking song was "for the ladies". haha. And some crazy ass outfits too. Oh, God. Anyways.

So, Brandon, techie extraordinare, (the one with the green jacket, that he didn't have on today, and I was confused, DONT MESS WITH MY NORMS!!!), took forever getting the instruments ready. And all the instruments weren't the regulars. Ben played on a Steinway instead of the typical Baldwin, Lindz' drums were a different color, and so was Jared's bass. First time happening for me to not see Ben on that beloved Baldwin.

1. Theme from Dr Pyser
I'd never seen Pyser, so when they came out and started playing it, I was already aware it was going to be a good night.
2. Gone
3. Bastard
4. Jesusland
5. All U Can Eat
6. Trusted
7. Annie Waits
8. Still Fighting It
9. Bitches Ain't Shit
10. Brick
11. Fred Jones part II
12. Mess
(I think I just about crapped myself when he started this. He told us that since he's played so many gigs in the area recently he was going to play something he hadn't played in a while. And yay, made me a very happy person, thought I'd never have the chance of seeing this one live... Brooke and I just kinda screamed at each other when he started playing this. Because we'd been talking about it this afternoon waiting in line, how we'll NEVER see it. And then, tada! Here it is!)
Band Back:
13. Army
(He just stopped conducting at some point, and was just smiling because we were all doing it already.)
14. Zak and Sara
15. Landed
16. Not the Same
(AHH YAY! He split the crowd half and half and did the knee thing. I wanted to see that. And now I have.)

So 16 songs, really not all that bad.


Oh, and video of Mess Live, by Flowerofsilver off of the LJ community, she and I were right next to each other at the show:

It's pretty big, 52MB. But feel free to download it.

Click to watch, Right Click to Save As.

Tour Board / Madison Show; Set List, Pictures, it's all here.
« on: March 13, 2006, 12:09:59 PM »
Heard on the org you guys didn't get this.... so here I am to show you how WONDERFUL the Madison concert was. Ben had an awesome amount of energy Saturday. Check out this shit.

Set list:

1. Missing the War
2. Gone
3. Bastard
4. Jesusland
5. All U Can Eat
6. Zak and Sara
7. Still Fighting It
8. The Turtle's song from "Over the Hedge", It sounded pretty good. I took an audio clip with my cell, but that didn't turn out so well.
9. Trusted
10. You to Thank
11. Annie Waits
12. Landed
13. Losing Lisa
14. Bitches Ain't Shit
15. Don't Change Your Plans
16. One Down
17. Gracie
18. Evaporated
19. Army
20. Ascent of Stan
21. Give Judy My Notice
22. Narcolepsy
23. Late
24. Philosophy
25. Underground (solo)
26. Rockin' the Suburbs, including a bass preformance on Ben's part..
27. One Angry Dwarf

I was like 8th in line. Ha. And he totally met with the fans in the back alleyway and the band all got into a van of some sort and left.  And Ben totally remembered me from the last couple times I'd met him....  My pictures are here, there's like 50 of them....:

There was a boy there that I know through the livejournal community that got what he thinks is a pretty good bootleg, he missed half of Gracie for having to change discs or something, but I'll let you guys know when that's up.

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