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News / Way To normal - leaked again it seems
« on: September 25, 2008, 07:58:39 AM »
Well it is up for filesharing already . so much for a set release date nowdays.....

Ads ::)

Tour Board / Just got back from Hamersmith - AWESOME!!
« on: January 23, 2007, 03:47:32 PM »
Wow was that great! no Brick , no In Between Days (i dont care for either)- and an awsome syntheseiser jam, Losing Lisa, and UNDERGROUND!!!!!!!!

(sorry about the caps but im still pumped)

I loved it - this time i sat in Dress circle - row b 31 right down the middle - i didnt know which side to join in on on army!

First ime out of 5 now ive seen Ben not sick - or with busted ribs - or rubbish p.a. problems - just great - see him on this tour i tells ya you wont regret it!

Sorry Ads

P.S. no bithces aint shit from wossy :'(

News / Ben On Jonathan Ross (BBC Radio 2) - Saturday 20th Jan
« on: January 13, 2007, 02:21:12 AM »
Just now heard on the radio that Ben is going to be on Wossys show on Firday night - no particulars - just the facts mam....

[EDIT: It's actually Ross' BBC Radio 2 show - His friday night show isn't currently on air! ~A)

Tour Board / Which U.K. gig and do you have your tickets???
« on: November 17, 2006, 01:26:32 AM »
Im straight in there - got my tickets today to Hammersmith Apollo !
Cant wait, its even on  a tuesday! ;D Much better gig than Brixton!

News / Videos on google video!
« on: May 10, 2006, 04:17:12 PM »
Hey groovy cats - i saw thee Folds vids on google vieo¬  - by accident act. and i thought of youse....
enjoy all!!

General Board / Urgent!!! IGNORE THIS !!!!!!!
« on: April 06, 2006, 12:20:58 PM »
Owwwww man!

 is it just me or do you smell the stench of¬† new users posting 'bout bands they just GOTTA share"(record company press offices more like) - or even people¬† posting messages in all capitals - wanting to be loved and hating everyone when they are just "liked" instead - "I think your all wankers but do you love my song?"

 All of the "ben folds like" bands and reccomendationds just really get on my tits - i have found that pushing Daniel powter down peoples necks when your not really on the Daniel Powter message board really just sucks balls.

The great - the trully great thing about this board and the reason why most of the usual regular types frequent it  - is that its freindly , and for the most part people have a geniune appreciation of Bens music. Lets keep it that way, let the Angus Khants(sic) have their bottle, but lets not become one of them.Laugh at them and their ignorance.

Cheers to andy for this meeting space for "bitter Ben Folds fans"and all the regular posters here who aren't plonkers!

P.S i reckon this should be a sticky, or in the terms and conditions.

Tour Board / London show 13 dec- or "theres always someone taller than you"
« on: December 13, 2005, 05:27:39 PM »
Hello i just went it was great - it was good to see the whole band there and no sickness - though ben on  his own wouldve added a whole new dynamic to the gig as well...

I took my brand new camera and wasnt able to get of any decnet piccies as - and this must be everyones curse at a standup gig, the tallest person- in the WORLD - was in front of me, and his only slightly shorter cousin right next to and behind him.
the gig was great - sound was immense , not like Brighton this year at  which the sound was horrible, crowd were good, but i wont go to brixton next time as the gig is too big and thee was no audience contact with the band relly as there are so damn many of them. :'(
Dont know the songlist as i coulnt be arsed scrambling for a setlist, ( but i know others will) the audience seemed to listen to sfs songs but really got into bens older stuff, though why doesnt he play underground as much? Is it because of the prologue by robert and darren that they obviosly cannot do???? Dont know
Though one thing,lindsay and Jared were just great - ive knocked the harmonies in the past but they were spot on tonight. ill try and put my few passable piccies(in amongst the hands and tallest head in the world) on now - cheers!! \m/

« on: November 17, 2005, 04:33:06 PM »
Yep its true selling it for 17.49Euro + 4.99 euro postage to uk¬  :o( other postage quoted as well) heres the link

The thing is once translated you get this and get the bit i highlighted in red:

The here following DVDvon:¬  Ben Folds "Live in Perth" DISPATCH STARTING FROM PUBLICATION DATE:¬† 02.12.05 (without guarantee) description:¬† Ben Folds for the first time "Live in Concert" with a symphony orchestra!¬† The DVD "Live From Perth" shows Ben Folds for the first time together with the 83-koepfigen Western Australia Symphony Orchestra.¬† The material was taken up in March 2005 during two sold off concerts in the Kings park to Perth, Australia.¬† Ben Folds, its piano and the orchestra by-form nearly 90 minutes of long 13 Songs of the choice Australian in and a seen way belonged never before.¬† As bonus features there are to interview and baking steam turbine and gas turbine system photographs of and with Ben Folds and a Behind The Scenes documentation with the orchestra.¬† NEW COMMODITY!!!¬† -

now as soon as i translated i was gutted, is it being released earlier here in the uk? anyone? I was gutted when i found out - as much as i was elated to think that i could buy it before i translated it - poo ::)

Still some news is better than none! who needs those sony fools?

Tour Board / New gig in London 13th december!!!!!!!
« on: July 06, 2005, 04:58:03 PM »
Ohh yeahhhhhh homeboys and homegirls¬  - I just saw it on the .com site forum (Thanks to smartio for posting) - 2 new shows in December. One in Birmingham & one at the Brixton Academy - Theyre being sold by I just got mine hope to see you all there--------- \m/

I was one of the sorta not really happy fans at the Brighton gig who suffered with bad sound and a crook Ben - who fled out a side door and left a few of us waiting a whle for nowt.¬  I know this show will be better- standing up & a proper music venue.
 Why no official anouncement though? and whut of the early notification to fan club members???WTF eh?

A message to the people in charge of the .com site & the fan club .... but guys get your shit together! You would think that they would be first to let the news out - not us. The fan club¬  -¬  Whats it for exactly for ? & dont get me started on the .com site - no offence again - trying to flog us all a poster AFTER weve done and bought the album already- yeah just fom America no less, and although this time some good has come from it ,the .com forum - is full of elitest fans kicking the shit out of newbies & making them feel stupid for not reading a post they put on 18 months ago about the type of socks darrn jesse used to wear(etc)- and therefore turning them off being a fan in the first place-¬  ??? again no offence meant to the people actually trying to help in both of them - but its a bit poo really - this board is so much better in my opinion -sometimes a bit arse kissing but usually very good.
 Hope this news does it for ya -

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