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General Board / A Cuss-Free Ben Mixtape
« on: April 05, 2010, 09:55:09 AM »
Hi all--

My cousin (who is 10 years old) is really getting in to playing piano (HOORAY).  I want her to be able to hear Ben-- be inspired by Ben, whatever.  However, her parents would PREFER I not expose her to music with a ton of explicit lyrics. 

So, here is the challenge:

Please help me think of a few of the best Ben Folds songs that are reasonably-worded for a child with somewhat-conservative parents.  Yes, yes, I find it tempting to lace the playlist with loads of f-bombs because I think it's funny \m/ but I think that my own amusement needs to be subverted to her potential musical development.

By best, I mean most musically-interesting.  Vignettes in awesome piano-playing.

The off-limits words are: f---, b----, and c---.  Probably a--hole, too. 

They can be Ben Folds solo or group work, and I will NOT be including Brick.  (That's not even due to subject matter-- I just despise that song, and I despise the people who only like Ben because of that song.)

Thus far, I have:
Dr. Yang
The Ascent of Stan
Missing the War
The Last Polka
Missing the War...


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