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Tour Board / Toronto, CAN - July 11, 2013.
« on: July 11, 2013, 09:44:07 PM »
What up, Burbanites?

Here's your setlist with some fresh commentary. Show number 10 for me! It took me 8 years but I've finally joined the double digits club.

1. Michael Praytor - In which Ben began to sing the second verse first. Then he broke a string. Good work, Foldsington!
2. One Angry Dwarf.
3. Missing The War - In which I began to realize that this was indeed a crowd that was disappointed to find out that Ben Folds Five only has three members, if you catch my drift.
4. Erase Me - What the f*ck is this? Y'all crazy! Turning 'round and leaving the show dismays me...
5. Sky High
6. Brick - "OH! OH! Now I remember who this Ben Folds guy is! This was the song for my wedding's first dance back in '98!" Yeah.... Yeah. 
7. Narcolepsy - Sublime, as is the tradition.
8. Draw A Crowd - In which, Robert made a valiant effort to involve the crowd somewhat, much to the dismay of the gentleman who was trying to sell Hagan Daas Ice Cream Bars to the audience.
9. Landed.
10. Underground - In which I pointed out to my friend that both Ben Folds and I were indeed "decked in all black, slamming the pit fantastic."
11. Song For The Dumped.
12. Stool Smash. Repeatedly. As if Ben was venting his anger at this AWFUL crowd. It was enough for me to include it as a song.

No cameo of Folds in the BNL set. Aww. :(

Resolution: Never attend a Ben Folds (Five) show that doesn't feature them as the headliner ever again.

Tour Board / Toronto - Kool Haus - October 15th, 2012.
« on: October 16, 2012, 12:36:48 AM »
Greetings all! Quilty here reporting from the Canadian Front.

Michael Praytor
Missing The War
Hold That Thought
Jackson Cannery
Robert Sledge Rocked This Bitch - An excellent bass solo by Mr. Robert Sledge if I do say so myself.
Selfless Cold and Composed
Erase Me
Alice Childress
Sky High
Thank You For Breaking My Heart
Battle Of Who Could Care Less
UNCLE WALTER! Fantastic. My first time seeing this live.
Brick - Do people always hoot and holler during Brick? It seems inappropriate.
Do It Anyway
TOM AND MARY! They didn't miss a beat here! Someone in the crowd requested it.
Narcolepsy - Which sounds BETTER THAN EVER. It was Indy good.
Song for the Dumped -  In which Ben conducted the audience for this one for a change. Mutual bird flippings occurred.


"Roses She Gave Me" Rock This Bitch. SOMEONE (*coughcoughmecough*) threw roses up onto the stage before the encore.  The band improvised a song about it. I hope someone caught it on video! (EDIT: Someone did!

The boys unfortunately did not stay after this gig like they have this past tour. I wasn't planning on staying, but to thank the band for the song would have been nice. Oh well. Solid performances from all three of them considering it was the end of the North American tour. Have fun, Aussies and Brits! You will not be disappointed.

EDIT: Forgot to mention during the show, Ben whipped out his iPhone and filmed the audience singing Happy Belated Birthday to a lady named Jessica. Ben complimented the audiences tone.

Tour Board / April 12th, 2010 - Town Hall, NYC.
« on: April 12, 2010, 08:47:15 PM »
Quilty reporting again!


Free Coffee
Annie Waits
The Ascent of Stan - A group of awesome fans near the front made a sign asking Ben to play it, to which he obliged.
Sentimental Guy
Improv 1 - Middle American Tirade (f*ck MIDDLE AMERICA!)
Effington - Naturally came next.

Wait for this. Wait for f*cking this. He started talk about a song that he wrote a few years back, and didn't know the meaning of until recently. And said he had never played this song live before.  And he didn't really practice it before hand. And then Ben f*cking Folds bursts out...

TIME. . I shit you not. He played Time. TIME.   He was on the verge of tears playing it, but oh my god. It made me cry. Time is my favourite Ben Folds song ever.  Easily the single greatest moment I have ever had at a Ben Folds show. That was just. Wow.

All U Can Eat
Picture Window
You Don't Know Me
Rock This Bitch in New York City
Zak And Sara
Steven's Last Night In Town - In which at the very END of it, his roadies bursted out this SWEET ASS Drum Kit, and he started to bang the f*cking hell out of it.
Hiro's Song - Which he also busted out on the Drums.
Improv 2 -Freebird/Sweet Home Alabama. In the wrong key and the wrong lyrics.
Not The Same (With no 4th part harmony this time)

Evaporated, which, aside from the Drumming and f*ckING BEN FOLDS PLAYING TIME FOR GOD KNOWS WHATEVER REASON MAYBE GOD LIKES ME OR SOMETHING, this was the highlight.
One Angry Dwarf.

This show kicked the Wellmont Gig SQUARE in the nuts. This was the best Folds gig I have ever attended. The absolute best. That guy was pouring his damn heart out, and made it one hell of a show. There was magic up in this bitch tonight.

Tour Board / Montclair, NJ - April 9th, 2010.
« on: April 09, 2010, 09:09:34 PM »
Quilty, reporting for setlist duty, SIRS! My 4th Gig, which I had no idea I was attending up until 2 days ago (thanks WEIN. Yeah, I know your name. :P).


Free Coffee
Annie Waits
Sentimental Guy -  Which he started 4 lines or so into, and had to STOP ENTIRELY. He kept bursting out laughing. The first of many "There's some MAGIC SHIT going on in here tonight, I tell you." Referenced an Insane Clown Possy video, which he posted earlier today on his twitter feed. He tried TWO MORE TIMES, but the same thing kept happening. In which, he decided to break into
EDDIE WALKER! (First time hearing that live, I was pleased.)
All U Can Eat
Picture Window
Levi Johnston's Blues
You Don't Know Me (With KMH)
Narcolepsy - Which was f*cking amazing! THE BEST Narcolepsy I've heard. He spent a good chunk of time just f*cking around with the outro and improving.
Still Fighting It
Morgan Davis - Yay! Also a first for me
Dr. Yang
Emaline - As per my request. I also made sure to request it for Ive_Landed, who couldn't be at the gig tonight.
Sentimental Guy - With no stopping this time.
Philosophy/Dr. Pyser, Which he also lapsed into a cover of something.

One Angry Dwarf
Not The Same - When did he start doing the 4 part harmonies again?

Not the most exciting setlist, yes, but Ben was certainly in a very strange, yet fantastic mood tonight. A Happy Ben always makes for a good show, which makes a Happy Krissy.

Will more than likely be attending the Town Hall gig on Monday. Will be reporting from NYC again in the next few days!

*edited. Thanks bigjimdn!

General Board / The Suburbs... A Cappella?
« on: April 29, 2009, 01:32:40 PM »
I just got a crazy idea, which may or may not work, BUT.

Wouldn't it be cool if a handful of the more musical suburbs members arrange and record a song  that didn't make it onto the new record? Make a metronome or a leading vocal track, then add the other parts mix and master it and distribute it as free track to other members?

Tour Board / April 26, 2009 - Syracuse NY, Carrier Dome.
« on: April 26, 2009, 09:16:15 PM »
Reporting from her hotel room! Might be missing a song or two, as I was busy recordiing the first 30 minutes of the show. (WHICH I HAVE UNCUT IN FULL IN GLORIOUS HIGH DEF VIDEO. FOR ALL OF YOU.)

EDIT. Missed a few. new ones are bolded.
Set List:
Annie Waits
Sentimental Guy
Free Coffee
Bitch Went Nutz Fake
Zac and Sara (video cuts off here)
You Don't Know me
Alice Childress
Lovesick Diagnostician
Dr. Yang

Fred Jones Pt. 2

Not The Same
Rockin' The Suburbs

One Angry Dwarf.

And for anyone interested, Here's Guster's Set List!!

The Captain
Barrel of a Gun
One Man Wreking Machine
Red Oyster Cult (Got that on tape)
Come Down and Say Hello
Manifest Destiny
Ruby Falls (Also on tape! My personal favorite Guster Song.)
Airport Song

Also really enjoyed Hotel Lights, but was too busy taking pictures of Darren to pay attention to the set. Haha.

Had the most WONDERFUL time at Syracuse. Ben was having a lot of fun tonight. No improv songs, but loads and loads of riffing on previous songs. Full or energy. I got to talk to everyone, both Guster and Folds camp, except for Darren, who was nowhere to be found.

Not too much banter between songs for Ben, but a few zingers. He mentioned that whenever he pulled out a slow set after a bunch of bands going before him, some dude (and yes, always a dude) always asks to show him his c*ck. Haha

In Rockin' The Suburbs, Ben sang "I'm Rockin' The Suburbs, just like Hotel Lights does! I'm rocking the suburbs, except that they are talented." Did the same for Guster in the next verse. Cue big awwwww moment.

I DID talk to Ben for about 5-10 minutes after the show. I didn't ask him a lot of questions, but I did ask him about the chat here, and said that we were all very flattered. And he said "Oh! You're from the suburbs? Cool! We're still working on the format for this chat, but I kind of liked the chaos of the last one. If anything, maybe separate rooms? If one of the members gets kicked out of my room, he'll end up in Jared's room or my managers room or something like that."

That's pretty much all I asked of him in terms of questions. Honestly we just talked for a little bit about me and him and our gammy legs, and it was great. I got my Songs For Silverman Sheet Music book signed and a picture, which I'll post up later once I can get it, and YAY! My time finally came. And I met all 4 members of Guster today to boot!   

Album Board / Thievery Corporarion and In Love?
« on: April 23, 2009, 11:00:17 PM »
I found this hiding in the depths of my Linux Box this evening:

It's VERY cool, I think. I'm surprised it's not up on wokeup yet.

Tour Board / Toronto (2-17-09)
« on: February 17, 2009, 10:35:22 PM »
Just got back from the Toronto show. MUCH better than the last Toronto Show. No setlist (anyone who has it, please post it! pretty please?), but pictures are coming soon from me.

I do have some highlights, though:

- LOTS of improving tonight. We got ourselves a fake version of Army. That's right, fake army. And an improvised intro to Journey's Don't Stop Believing to... Army.

- Some crazy chick threw a flower on stage and he rested it on his piano. And because of said crazy chick, we got solo Emaline AND TOM AND MARY. TOM AND f*ckING MARY. WITH A MOUTH ORGAN SOLO.

- That crazy chick was me. He blew kisses and mouthed sweet nothings. Magical.

Yeaaah, I'm gonna go to bed now.

General Board / Covers.
« on: October 20, 2008, 03:05:39 PM »
Two questions.

1. What is your favorite Ben Folds cover?

2. Ben can cover any song in the world. Which one would you pick for him to cover?

General Board / It's Midnight on the East Coast!
« on: September 11, 2008, 08:03:35 PM »
You know what that means?

Happy Ben Folds Day, everyone!

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