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Musical discovery / Sports Fan - This Is Goodbye (piano rock)
« on: May 21, 2015, 08:46:17 PM »
It's been a couple of years, but I've released another single with my band Sports Fan. The video was directed by myself, a definite labour of love but I'm so happy with how everything turned out. I hope you like it!

Musical discovery / Re: Sports Fan - Shallow Water (feat. Jen Boyce)
« on: August 03, 2013, 05:53:19 PM »
Thanks Brian! Directed by our friend Jarrad Rooke. We were very fortunate to have the crew that we managed to assemble.

pianoshizzle - there's one live video on our youtube channel, but it's a cover! When we put material up, we want it to look and sound great - so far we haven't had the perfect combo of recording at our shows. Glad to have a Scottish fan. :)

Musical discovery / Sports Fan - Shallow Water (feat. Jen Boyce)
« on: August 01, 2013, 06:30:24 PM »
Our second single, really proud of this video. Hope you dig.

Musical discovery / Re: BFF-style angry piano pop
« on: March 21, 2013, 03:52:35 AM »
Aw, thanks man! Glad you enjoyed it, more on the way over the rest of the year. We now have a video up too:

Musical discovery / BFF-style angry piano pop
« on: March 16, 2013, 04:45:46 PM »
Hey guys, it's certainly been a while. Lurker alert.

Just wanted to politely let you know about my new band's first single release, Little White Lies by Sports Fan. It's piano, bass and drums (now, who'd ever have a band without guitar?) and I'd really appreciate the 3 minutes and 30 seconds of your time to have a listen. We're really proud of it and we have plenty more that will be released this year.

It's available for stream and pay-what-you-want at

Love to hear your thoughts.


News / Re: Mysterious New Songs?
« on: July 17, 2008, 04:24:16 AM »
this is f*cking hilarious. "if we all could be so free........... coffee."
any idiot who thinks it's all the real album just has to read that paste article. Thanks for keeping us entertained until september ben.

Musical discovery / Remember me?
« on: November 30, 2007, 05:14:01 PM »
Haven't been around in quite a while, been busy with my own musical ventures. Very B.Fo inspired. If you're interested, drop by and go to the releases section to hear my debut EP in full.

Tour Board / Re: Melbourne - Saturday 23rd September with the MSO
« on: September 24, 2006, 07:06:29 PM »
hey, and who was the one that gave him his lyric when he stuffed up Morgan Davis...

that would have been yours truly.


Ben's Old Five / Re:
« on: May 30, 2005, 10:21:20 PM »
i actually just quit the org and made quite a scene about it. now my two accounts are public, as everyone knows the passwords, so it's quite fun watching them get abused. they'll be forever in .org folklore, that is until the change password feature is fixed.

ah, good times.

News / new article (scan)
« on: March 19, 2005, 08:50:09 PM »
this from today's Herald Sun in Melbourne - I Daresay that the article would've been syndicated across the country in the newspaper network. Anyway, just did a scan and it's available here:

Benny boy is certainly getting political these days.

News / Re:New Album to be released this Summer.
« on: June 23, 2004, 05:33:29 PM »
this was just mentioned on the org, but apparently ben is pyshing back his release date until january to give the shatner album his full attention. meanwhile, the third ep will be out in a couple of weeks, including kalamazoo, rent-a-cop, adelaide, and a cover of a darkness song.

General Board / me understand...(Sports Content)
« on: June 18, 2004, 06:51:05 PM »
Rugby is like NFL in some ways, but different in others.

The field is 100 metres long, and it has a half-way line, and lines at 40m and 22m. the lines that run parallel to the sideline don't really matter. the aim of the game is to put the ball on the ground over the "try" line, like a touchdown.
the big difference is that you can't throw the ball forwards, and when people are tackled, the game doesn't stop while everyone works out what's going to happen next - the ball gets passed to the back of the pile of heaped-up players and it gets passed backwards again and run forwards.

you get 5 points for a "try", 2 points in you convert that with a goal, 3 points for a field goal (a drop kick through the goals), and 3 points for a penalty goal.

if the ball goes forward at all, ie dropped or passed forward, they put down a "scrum", where 6 or 7 guys from each team interlock arms and bodies and push against the other team, and the ball is fed in to the middle and ends up at the back of one of the teams' scrum.

if the ball goes over the sideline, then they have a "line-out", where it gets thrown by a player NFL style to  players from each time lining up to try and catch it. players are lifted up by other players to get higher than the other team.

so that's rugby for you.

cricket now huh?

well there's a big oval, and a 20 metre long "pitch" in the middle where the batting takes place. 2 batsmen are out there all the time, and they run between the ends of the pitch to score runs. if the ball gets to the edge of the field you get 4 runs, if it goes over the edge on the full, you get 6 runs.

you can get out caught, bowled (there are three bits of wood behind the batter, and if the bowl (pitch) hits those bits of wood, your'e out), run out - where the ball is thrown on to the bits of wood before the batsman gets to the other end of the pitch, or leg before wicket, where the ball hits the batsman's leg and it's deemed that the ball would've hit the bits of wood if his legs weren't there.

you don't have to run if you hit the ball.

when one batsmen gets out, another goes out to replace him, so there are always 2 batsmen out there. there are 11 people on a team, so when 10 people are out, the innings is over, and the fielding team bats.

the "bowlers" (pitchers) have to bowl with a straight arm, and there are a few types of bowlers - fast, swing, and spin. in cricket, the ball bounces once before it gets to the batsmen. spin bowlers put spin on the ball so that it bounces off in a direction.

teams usually get around 300 runs per innings. test matches have 2 innings per team, and can last up to 5 days. one day matches have one innings each of 50 overs (50 lots of 6 bowls or pitches) to get as many runs as possible. these matches last about 8 hours.

so there you have it.

any questions?

General Board / "Just Pretend" video
« on: March 12, 2004, 05:11:42 PM »
It was on "rage", an australian music clip show last night. It was a live clip from i presume the melbourne show, with all three standing around a single mic with folds on guitar, kweller on melodica and lee on bass.

this means that there is footage of this concert around, so lets hope or hassle for more of it to be released.

i don't have a VCR, so i can't record it. hopefully it'll be on next week, and someone else can tape it and share it with the world.

General Board / Re:RtS on C4 documentary
« on: February 10, 2004, 06:22:29 AM »
Speaking of ben songs in random placements...

The other night at about midnight, an RSPCA ad came on, showing some cute cats and dogs.

"and where was i before the day/that i first saw your loving face/ (crude edit) and i know/that i am/ i am (crude edit) the luckiest"

News / EPs for Australians
« on: December 03, 2003, 04:12:06 AM » is selling the EPs for $9.95AUD. I checked the UK version of the sony site, but apparently they haven't caught on yet.

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