WtN follow-up album due in 2016

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Re: WtN follow-up album due in 2016
« Reply #15 on: July 31, 2015, 08:56:10 PM »
I'm really not trying to be the devil's advocate, I'm just saying that there's no release to rush release music.

Just as there is no reason to arbitrarily delay releasing music in some worry that you're flooding the market.  I get the impulse from a commercial sense, but there are very few artists nowadays that can subsist on a single album for a two or three year stretch.  The only thing keeping them from releasing more music is the artistic impulse (and potentially constant touring to try to milk every last bit out of a marketing push for a specific release).  Ben's in a different category now.  There are sure to be people discovering his music but the majority of his sales are from people who are already indoctrinated.  If those people tend to buy an album within the first few weeks and/or months of release, it becomes diminishing returns past that point.  And those people will have lived and breathed the album, usually even before it hits because they've been to live shows where a lot of those songs debut leading up to the release.

I just can't imagine that anyone would turn down the opportunity to get new music each year if the artist, like Ben, felt the drive and impulse to create it.  I can appreciate the quality over quantity argument, but that also supposes that the artist is releasing music just to make a buck.  If that's not the motivation behind doing it, I'd more than welcome Ben putting out a new release every 10-14 months.
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