How to: Post photos

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How to: Post photos
« on: June 23, 2005, 12:56:00 AM »
I'm loving all these photos from the shows, so here's a quick 'how-to' for all those who aren't sure how they attach photos to their posts.

1) Create a new topic, or hit 'reply' on the bottom of a current one
2) Type your message as normal
3) Click on 'Additional Options...' just below the main message text box.
4) Browse for your photos (two maximum)
5) Click 'post'

Your photos will be uploaded to the site, so you don't need any of your own webspace.

If you want to add more than two photos per post, follow the instructions above, then find your post and click 'modify'. You can then use the additional options to add more photos (maximum five per post).

Keep 'em coming!

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Re: How to: Post photos
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