Paper Airplane Tour Riviera Theater 10-29-17

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Paper Airplane Tour Riviera Theater 10-29-17
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Set List:
1. Phone In A Pool ("Nice inclusion of "I F*cked up the words").
2. Annie Waits
3. Uncle Walter (cool story about a drunk construction worker that worked with his dad, always telling a ten year old Ben Folds what he would do if he was president...basis for the song)
4. Bastard (with 4 part harmony)
5. Still Fighting It (Three part harmony with opening act Tall Heights).
6. So There
7. Landed
8. Not A Fan (story about a fan at a BF5 show that snuck into the back with a knife and said he wasn't a fan of them but his girlfriend was....hence the song. As Ben said, "I don't think he and his girlfriend were really on the same page").
9. Capable of Anything
10. You Don't Know Me
11. Steven's Last Night in Town
Paper Airplane Set
1. Magic
2. The Ascent of Stan
3. Philosophy
4. Verbal Request for Monster Mash...he cracked up and played the first two chords.
5. Effington
6. The Luckiest
7. Zak and Sara
8. Silver Street
9. Kate
10. Jesusland
11. Narcolepsy
1. One Angry Dwarf and 200 Solemn Faces
2. Army

Lots of crowd involvement with the backing vocals tonight, and the crowd was way more into the show than the last show at the Riv with Ymusic where everyone was talking through the whole show.